Will You Wear it in 10 Years?

  1. So...I'm just curious...what bags do you own right now that you think you'll still carry in 10 years time?

    I only ask because these bags are sooooo expensive and it seems like a waste to only wear it for 1 season or 1 year.

  2. None. I haven't purchased any handbags with the intent to have them long term.

    However, I have asked my hubby for a Birkin. That I can see having for a number of years.
  3. I still use my MC keep all and bring out my cherry blossoms every spring, and probably will forever. It's only a waste if you got it to be "trendy". If you bought it cause you love it, of course it will always be a bag you will come bacK to.
  4. i think anything from the lv monogram/damier/epi line is pretty timeless.
  5. I think I will carry my Kelly bag for the rest of my life
  6. I believe I'll use my LV's for decades. These days I try to stick to bags that I know I'll use for years and stay away from the trendier bags, at least above a certain price point.
  7. I've only been into designer handbags for about 2.5 years and so far, surprisingly, I've found my black bufalo leather (which is calf leather embossed to look like deerskin) shoulder bag to be the most versatile. LVs mono canvas doesn't work with black shoes (imo) and I wear black shoes 80% of the time. So, black Prada is my true classic.
  8. Sure I hope I will
  9. My thoughts exactly!
  10. i grew tired of trendy bags very quickly, just can't spend that much for one season, so i also tend to buy more classics. i will be using my LVs, gucci and chanel in 10 yrs for sure!
  11. I know once I get a birkin (or kelly) i will wear that forever. I can even see carrying my MJ Blake for a long time to come. And I like to think that I will still be wearing my balenciaga or chloe paddy but who knows. I just want to enjoy them now! And I love them!
  12. i'm sure i'll be carrying my mono bags, no worries there.

  13. 10 yrs ? maybe ... my lv has been with for years (5 or so years) they are still in perfect condition i use them every now and then... i dont buy trendy bags.
  14. Most of my bags are from stores like Mervyn's or Target, so I don't expect them to last forever. There are several bags, though, that I can see myself with for a long time.
  15. My black Chanel tote bag for sure....my LV Montsouris backpack, pretty much all of my bags....I try not to buy the in thing...just for that reason! I want my girls to be able to go to my closet in 10 years, and be able to pick and choose!