Will you vote?

  1. No, not for president(although I hope you will! lol), for my niece!??
    She is in a photo contest, and it would be awesome if you would vote!

    The website is..

    In the bottom left corner you will see "Year End Contest" under that, click on
    "Year End Grand Supreme"

    She is January(the first photo) her name is Kaylee Rose she has on the yellow sweater and hat, go to the bottom and click on
    January - Kaylee Rose then click "vote"

    Thanks so much for taking a second to vote for her. I think you can vote once every 24 hours until the 10th. Also, you can click on the other links and vote for your favorites too!

  2. will go look now!
  3. Just voted!
  4. Just voted, I hope she wins!!
  5. Heck ya I will!! Shoot she's repping my birthday month!! YAAAAAAY [SIZE=-1]Kaylee Rose!! She's in the lead!!
  6. I voted for her- that baby for December is really cute. I love his cheeks!
  7. voted for my january birthday and tpf friends!
  8. I voted for her. Wasn't hard to do because she's adorable!
  9. I voted! She's so cute! Good luck to Kaylee Rose!
  10. I will vote for her but you have to post more hysterical dog photos.
  11. She's adorable! I just voted for Kaylee Rose!
  12. I voted too! She's winning! Yay!
  13. Voted!! She is winning!!
  14. I just voted!
  15. I cast my vote for your niece. Hope she wins! Keep us posted!