Will you trade in person?

  1. Just got an email from an eBay newbie asking if I want to do a trade in person for my handbag listed (listing ended already). Due to safety concerns (horrible stories heard), I refused to do so. It is tempting but also scary at the same time.

    What do you think? Have your ever done this before?
  2. Yes, I have. However, it was to a tPF member, and it was to our mutual advantage. We did meet in a neutral place tho.
  3. If you decide to go ahead, meet in a public place.
  4. i didn't trade, but i met up w/ a buyer to give my pymt and pick up my bag. It was in soho and there were no problems.
  5. i have done this in the past....made phone contact first and then had my cell on me and done exchanges in a public place...no problems so far!
  6. I live on campus and I don't have a car with me here, but some eBay sellers have stopped by my dorm to do the exchange when they notice we're in the same vicinity!

    Also, I over the summer I met a wonderfully sweet lady on eBay, whom I won Ferragamo belts from--she invited me to her house to pick up the belts, and once I got there (I stopped by with a friend because we were coming back from a sample sale) she invited us in, and we literally got to shop out of both of her HUGE closets, and most of her things still had tags on everything, never worn, ranging from BCBG, Kors, LV, Theory, DVF, Betsey Johnson, etc etc etc etc and we got to take home whatever we wanted for $5 each (Unless it was sunglasses or belts then that was $25).

    I scored a beautiful pair of Chanel sunnies and my friend took home diamond accented Versace sunnies, on top of our haul of clothing. We call her the lady we met in heaven, and couldn't stop pinching each other on the way back home.
    I'll never relive that, but that was the best shopping experience I've ever had. The three of us talked up a storm and tried on lots and lots of clothes!
  8. Yes I have. I have sold furniture on ebay that was local pick up only. The first time she bought a dining room set and I had my BIL come over since my DH was at work. She bought another peice of furniture and some baby clothes from me a month or so later and I just had a friend over, not for safety...she was just there. After that, my DH sold a classic car to ebay lady's brother which was cool because we never had to advertise.

    I also picked up an item that I bought once (a baby changing table) and had my sister and dad go with me.
  9. Am I too freak out then? I heard that a seller on c-list got rid off and some expensive dogs were snapped... and many more stories like that. Should I ask her to pick up the bag at a police station? ;)
  10. What a great story!!
    Knowing my luck my buyer would be an axe murderer or something!
  11. I would recommend meeting your buyer at a coffee shop or bank (if she's paying cash) and have a friend tag along.
    I really would not want someone coming by my house.
  12. I've finalized severl transactions this way. Always in a public place, work or Starbucks. If I don't know the company they work for or my work is too far for them, there's a Starbucks on every corner. I've never had a problem.
  13. I think it can be fine, but it is a greater risk and you need to protect yourself. First, trust your instincts about the person - do they have good feedback? What sort of vibes do you get? Secondly, this is going to be off-Ebay, so how will you protect yourself in terms of receipts, proof of payment? Not impossible, but warrants thought. Finally, only meet in a public place, take someone with you and be very sure you want to do it. Good luck!
  14. Great advice. I think I would pass, since the buyer has zero feedback.
  15. Good idea, I didn't realize they had a zero feedback score. If it was someone who had been around for a while then fair enough, but for a zero then no thanks!