Will you still use your B bags when...

  1. ...celebrities stop wearing them and they're no longer the "IT" bags?

    I don't believe in trends at all! I wear what I like and never even think if it's "in" now. I always try to look classy and use bags that I LOVE to use! The reason I love Balenciaga is because the leather is SOOO soft and the bags have so much personality in them!!!! I just love carrying my Ink First!

    So, would you stop wearing your B bags in, let's say, 5 years, when all the celebrities find new bags to carry and the motorcycle style is over and done with? I wouldn't! I carry what I love and if it's not "in", even better for me! It'll look more unique! LOL!
  2. I feel the same exact way feather!!!:smile:
  3. yeppers, i'll be wearing mine 'till my dying day, i could really care less about what the celebs think is cool :tender:...my :heart: for b-bags started long before i ever saw them in the magazines!!!
  4. Definitely. I'm not one for trends or celeb fashion... ever.
    I view fashion as art, an extension of your passion, heart, and soul. Balenciaga bags are the only bags that I feel really, truly 'mesh' with me. Instead of just a bag, they become a part of my style and overall look -- to me they're individual works of art, and not many bags (for me) are like that!
  5. wow, i couldn't have said it better myself, i totally agree MiMi-girl :yes:
  6. Wellsaid, Mimi! I don't have the same relationship with any of my other bags as I do with my b-bags. I imagine I will someday be a 90 year old granny who's toting her B-bag with pride.
  7. Nicely said!!!! Glad I am not alone when I say that I do not follow celebrity trends. :smile:
  8. The ones that you have really are quite unique so I can definitely see how they are a part of you and how you view them as art. You definitely have your own wonderful style and I think your collection of bbags complements it perfectly.

    In response to the original question, I think I will be wearing mine for a long time to come.....
  9. i wear mine as long as i still love it. in fact, the reason i wear it now is because not a lot of people wear balenciaga in my country...
    at least, not much wearing authentics :P
    this bag is not too popular here, and it made me love it more...
  10. thanks chi and everyone else ;)
  11. well, we will see in 5 years won't we? ;) I can barely plan what outfit I will wear tomorrow! I get whims sometimes and get rid of everything of a certain style, but I know that for now, and the last 2 or 3 years, I've loved balenciaga bags with a passion!
  12. ^^^ That is so cool sea!!!
  13. Well said Mimi~ Needless to say, I am hanging on tight to my b-bag! I just can't bear to think of not wearing her or at least having her in my collection!
  14. Definitely I will always keep my Balenciagas & will always wear them...

    If you love your bag, you would be proud in owning it even after 20 years time.... & you'll feel more proud when people look at it and wonder what brand or which collection is your bag but can't figure it out...

    I just made a scenario of myself after 20 years .. loool
  15. I will continue to wear the ones I have regardless of who wears what and for the future, I will only buy bags of 1K or more when they fit my criteria for quality and craftsmanship. At present time, this is a hit or miss endeavor with regard to BBags.
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