Will you still love me when I am 65?

  1. 65 bags?! Please post pictures. How long did it take to collect so many bags? Wow!
  2. Yes. Please post picture. I would love to see some of the older styles.

  3. Same here.... never think that Regina has 65 Chanel bagsssss, oh my !!! love to see her collection esp. her 1st Chanel :smile:
  4. I thought the exact same thing!!!! and didn't bother to read the thread. Sorry ladies!

    Update -- I counted my bags last nite and I have 69 although one is in for repair.

    I have the sorted by color in my closets like a rainbow. The theory is One In, One Out but I love them all so I just keep adding.:tdown:

    I am in the middle of finals (end Wed, 3/19) at which point I'll take a break and take photos in color groups and style groups. Maybe the one I just bought off eBay will be here, too.
  5. just over a year....which I don't recommend!! When I fall in love, it's total! Most of my fun money has gone to eBay. Most of my collection is older bags (1-series, 2-series, etc) so before Nov 07 price increase, it was relatively inexpensive to buy them on eBay.
  6. can't wait to see the goodies! good luck with your finals!!
  7. wow....jus over a yr and you have collected almost 69 i think:nuts::nuts:

    Really can't wait to see ur collections, pls post all your lovely 69 bags and we WANT TO SEE THEM:yahoo::yahoo:

  8. **Good luck with your finals, those days are long gone for me but I still clearly remember the pressure! Huge hug**

    Thanks for agreeing to post pictures later on, I'm already going ga ga imagining what you may have in your collection and all those lovely colours:woohoo:
  9. OMGosh! 69 bags in one year. :nuts:

    Looking forward to your pictures....and Good Luck with your finals.
  10. wow, 69 in one year? that's quite an achievement! good luck on finals, and can't wait to see pics!
  11. Celia- I'll gladly post all types of pics but I secretly hope you will be kind enough to 'resize them' as you do so well for others!!! It's always a treat to see a pic that's been 'celia-sized'
  12. Regina07- wow 69 in a year- I had seen some of your collection once you had posted several pictures of it, and it looked like we had just stepped in to a Chanel Boutique....amazing, can't wait to see all the pictures of your amazing collection again:love::smile:
  13. Sure sweetie, i will be lookin forward for your pics as i can't wait to see them and will make sure i resize them for the benefit of others. I love to do it, leave that job for me....LOLL:love::flowers:
  14. HOLY COW!!! I am speechless!!! 69 bags in 1 year?????
  15. Wow, 69 bags in one year! I am stunned. Good luck on your finals and looking forward to seeing your collection.