Will you ship to Indonesia??

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  1. Hi Ladies/Gents:
    I'm selling a couple of bags in eBay an one seller is interested in one of them but she's asking me to send it to Indonesia. What should I do? What security measures I can take to prevent a scam? She's a member of eBay since 2000 with 100% positive feedback and with a number of 38. After reading all the scary stories here about international transactions going wrong, I'm just simply very careful. Any helpful information is more than appreciated!!:yes:
  2. I would be in the same situation as also but here are some tips.

    - Talk to the seller and she if she's the real deal. For example, does she respond fast? Does she ask the good questions about the bag and seem like a serious buyer.

    - Paypal does not protect you in this case if anything goes wrong because the buyer is in Indonesia (they only protect you when the buyer is in Canada, USA and UK). So get them to send you money order/certified cheque/bank wire transfer/western union so you get the money first before you send it out. This way it will prevent you from getting a charge back if something does happen.

    - Get a signature if possible. This will prove that someone received the package on the other side.

    - Insure the package so if it does get lost in the mail the post office will reimburse you. The process might take a long time but at least you'll get the money back.

    In the future if you do not want to ship to certain countries, when posting do not select 'worldwide' and only select the countries you are willing to ship to. You can also go into your account setting and select to only allow bids from countries that you selected to ship.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Forgot to mention to get a tracking number also.
  4. I agree with Javaboo, get them to send you a money order/certified cheque/bank wire transfer/western union first before you ship anything out.

    I've been scammed before from a seller from Indonesia. That was my fault for being so naive and stupid for not doing my research before sending them the money through Western Union.
  5. DON'T DO IT!!!! I've been screwed over TWICE with Indonesian customers! They seemed completely legit, lots of email communication - two chargebacks filed 8 weeks on.. Stolen credit cards! Two seperate customers, two seperate Indonesian addresses! :crybaby:
    Sending to Indonesia is like sending to Nigeria! Totally out the question!!
  6. Sigh..this stuff makes me so mad. I trusted that seller bc they had great communication and it just seemed right. I didn't know any better. I sent off $500 bucks through Western Union not knowing that is the riskiest form of payment!

    After I sent it off...never heard from them again.

  7. the only thing that probably safe for you is to ask the buyer to wire transfer fund ( from bank to bank). once the money deposited to you bank account, that should be yours. and you can send the item fedex express ( dont do ups, or EMS usps) . i am also eBay seller, sent couple items to indonesia in the past. and both were okay. good luck !!!
    dont try to accept western money order, or paypal. only wire transfer ...fedex is the biggest freight co there, and their gov postal service is extremely horrible.
  8. Thanks for all the tips!!! Greatly appreciated!!
  9. I wouldn't do it.
  10. wouldn't do it either , not worth the risk , and its a big risk , as mentioned , they sound great , ask and answer all the right questions , but not worth the hassle , from experience !
  11. Ok, if everyone thinks like most of you who have posted here, I would never get anything off fbay :push:

    Just a note, it's only human to generalize but i think you should take every case on its own.

    Then again, I never sold anything on fbay and got screwed :shrugs:

    Btw, I dunno why I quoted you, Mulberry.... sorry.... wasn't really addressed to you. I've had one too many vodka :shrugs:
  12. One too many vodkas and talking to people that posted this a year and a half ago.
  13. So what if i did, my dear? This is a free forum, no?
  14. I think the member probably has already cleared this up considering this thread is almost 2 yrs old. No need to bump up 2 yr old threads:idea:
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