Will you reconsider if too many etoupe lindys around you?

  1. I've asked my friend to add on her order list an etoupe lindy a week ago. And now I realize, beside another friend who always send her son to school carrying her etoupe lindy, there's another good friend who got the same bag! :shame: Should I change mine to gold / cafe, or stick to my choice (coz etoupe is such a great light-toned neutral!)?
  2. If you really love Etoupe, stick to it :yes: !!!
  3. I think you should get what your heart desires.
  4. I find that Hermes tends to produce certain colored bags in batches. YOu may see a lot of etoupe lindys now but who knows next season, Hermes will focus their efforts on the latest colors, and you may find that suddenly, it may not be that easy to get it.
  5. Oh absolutely :yes:
  6. If you love the color then by all means stick to your choice!
  7. What archangel posted is right.

    Stick with Etoupe if that's what you want. It's a great neutral afterall. Who's to know if your good friends may decide not to use their etoupe Lindys as often in the future, or if they decide to resell their Lindys ....
  8. LuvBirkin, if etoupe is your dream color, stick with it. :smile:
  9. :smile: Thanks for all your advices. Indeed following your heart is utmost important....from the practical sense etoupe is great for almost all casual wear. I'll reserve gold or cafe for my future Kelly!