will you pick canon 450d or 40d?


Feb 4, 2006
Hong Kong
i am beginner ... and I owned a canon G9 which i am planning to grade to my first DSLR camera...

i am considering 450d and 40d.. most ppl said 450d is good value for money while 40d is semi-pro..

i would like to get some opinion... both camera fits into my budget but i want to get one had an overall better performance
Apr 25, 2007
San Antonio

I have the 40d and I picked it over the 450d mainly because of build quality. It is heavier and a bit larger so keep that in mind.. they are both fine cameras.

Also, I am not sure if the 450d has it but the 40d has a scroll wheel in the back and I just freaking love it.. it is so much better than the little buttons ( I was coming from a 350d)

No matter what you pick though the lens is the important factor. You must have a good lens attached to your good camera for it's full effects.


Sep 7, 2007
The one and only change in the 450 that I personally would have liked in the 40 is the extension of the bracketing and EC to 3 stops instead of 2, though it's not a show stopper.
There is something undefinable about the 40D that makes it a pleasure to use, quote from Phils review: When I first started using the EOS 40D a simple description came to mind: that this is a 'well sorted camera'.
He is right but it's hard to put into words just exactly why.
you can look at the comparison