Will you pay full price?

  1. I've never paid full price for any of my Mulberry bags but I am lucky as I live near the Shepton Mallet factory shop.
    So, are you all bargain hunters like me (I know Ditab is!) or are you happy to pay full price for your Mulberry goodies?
    Is there a cut off point - the point at which you wouldn't buy a Mulberry even if you absolutely loved the bag?
  2. erm -I've paid full price for all mine apart from the bayswater which came from the Bicester outlet. DH bought me Annie as a pressie ( surprise) and was full price from a boutique. Having come on here and found out about the outlets think I'd always try that option first particularly if looking for a more expensive style bag. I tend to decide what bag I want then go and find it rather than waiting to see whats in the sale and buying on impulse. However- come May think i may just wander around the store and see if anything takes my fancy as there is nothing particular I'm lusting after at the mo.(could be tempted by an Effie/bayswater/jaquetta/phoebe- list is endless!!!)

    Don't think I'd spend more than £500 on a bag and even then it'd only be justified if it could be an xmas or b'day pressie so if i ever want a mabel it'll have to be on sale or from an outlet!
  3. I'm not sure now I know about outlets,before that,the Blenhiem,Roxy and Elgin were all full price.But the Pinky and the Hanover were'nt,neither was the Annie.
    I think if I really,really loved something then I'd pay full,but I do love a bargain,so I'd be very torn wether to wait or pay up.

    I think before I had'nt considered how to get them cheaper as I am just too wary of e-bay and things like that.And as its generally all the past season ones I like that are now in the outlets,I have'nt come up against this dilemma. Probably won't thinking about it,everything ends up still in production,but going to the outlets,yay!!! Wonder when the Mabels and Agyness will hit the outlets,can't be too long now??
  4. I've seen both Mabel & Agyness at SM so they do come through pretty fast! Mabel was way back in early autumn.
    I think once you've cottoned on to the outlets it's hard to go back to paying full price. I stumbled across SM by accident having just bought a full price Mulberry in John Lewis.
    I went to SM, found the same bag cheaper and returned the JL one. Buying at a discounted price helps keep the guilt in check for me too!
  5. You're right, sarajane :lol: In fact, I hate paying full price for anything, tbh. I'll always scoot around for a discount code before buying anything online. I always go via cashback sites, too :tup:

    I just don't think I could pay full price for a Mulberry as I know they'll all be reduced sooner or later. That said, I do really want the gunmetal Agyness wallet and I don't think that will still be around by the summer sale so I may have to bite the bullet and pay full price. However, I've got a friend who works for Selfridges and, if they stock them there (I know they have them in black) I'll see if I can use his employee discount. It's a whopping 35% :yahoo:

    I've paid full price for a MbyMJ bag but it was "only" :rolleyes: £300.

    If I love, love, love something and have to have it now, and am scared it will sell out (as in the case of the MbyMJ bag), then I would pay full price. But, as far as a bag goes, probably wouldn't pay over £500, I'm afraid. Just by my gemini nature, I'm quite a fickle person (don't need to tell you gals that!) and so am wary of big purchases that don't seem like a bargain in any way.

    The amount I've spent on 8 Mulberry bags would have only bought 3 if they were full price.... that's 5 free bags ;)
  6. I have only been able to buy at full price...on my twice yearly trips to New York. If I had access to a Mulberry outlet, I would NEVER pay full price. I don't mind waiting for a truly great style to filter through. And they do.

    I do love outlet shopping, especially Woodbury Common outside New York City. You Brits, when you come to the U.S., take a bus up there and be prepared to be wowed. I bought my Celine Boogie bag there...as well as Tod's, etc. Every single handbag manufacturer is there except Mulberry. Maybe because Mulberry is still too new in the U.S. It is hit or miss, but when they have a sale on top of the outlet prices, it takes your breath away. BV, Burberry, Gucci, Ferragamo, Coach, Cole Haan, Furla, Donald Pliner...you name it, they have it. Take a look http://www.premiumoutlets.com/outlets/outlet.asp?id=7

    That said...not having an outlet near me, stops a lot of impulse buying. I actually save up and pay full price and know very surely that it is the bag I want. And no fakes! Would never consider buying on eBay. I haven't made a mistake ever buying a bag a full price. Isn't that interesting?
  7. TG - I'm coming over to New York again next spring and I'm definitely hitting Woodbury Common this time. Last trip was just DH & me & there was no way he'd go. This time we're coming with friends so the lads can go off exploring while BF & I hit the shops!
    I've made my biggest mistakes when I've bought bags full price - never again! Worst one (and one I still lose sleep over) was a £900 Prada!!!!! I WILL NEVER BE SO STUPID AGAIN.
    Now I think my bargain Mulberries keep me within my financial comfort zone.
  8. That is SO interesting Sarajane, that your mistakes came from paying full price. I guess I agonize sooo many months saving up, that I have time to fall out of love...and so, by the time I actually am able to buy the bag...I really know it is for me. The bags I've paid full price for, actually, never go on sale: specifically: LV Blue Epi Petit Noe, which I love; and LV Monogram Speedy, which is so classic that I adore it too; Gucci Messenger, a flat, handsfree bag that I use for travel. I love and use all of them.

    I do not buy IT bags, because I've learned that I do fall out of love with them. Right now, I'm really paring down my closet to have the bags I really use and circulate. Feels so much better to me than to have a closetful of dust collectors.
  9. TG - I did pay full price for the mono Speedy 30 and I do absolutely love it. It's become obligatory to use it in France somehow!
    My trouble has been that I'm just too damned impulsive and don't think things through. That was def the case in the Prada saga!
    I've also realised that whilst I can admire a lot of other brands, I'm happiest buying and carrying Mulberry.
    I got caught up by IT bag madness only once and got my fingers burned. Now I like to turn my nose up at IT bags! I've also learned ONLY to buy bags when I've seen them IRL.
  10. Good advice and good thinking Sarajane, about not buying IT bags, and about only buying bags you've seen IRL. I've been burned by both issues. :cursing:

    I forgot to put in my list that I've bought my Mulberry's at full price, and while painful :sweatdrop: at the time, I'm happy. :rolleyes:They are keepers: Mr. Antony and Ms. Bays.

    Ms. Rosemary is going to find a new owner because I've got to make room for Ms. Annie and Ms. Roxy. Hopefully...at outlet prices!!!! :yahoo:Thanks to you! :okay:No hurry though.:flowers:
  11. I got accidentally caught up in the IT bag thing,but it was the Rox,and I was'nt really aware at the time it was an 'IT' bag,I just liked it as it was a bigger and more useful size compared to the Blenheim I already had,and I adored the styling of the Blenheim so for me it was a bigger version of what I loved. Lucky its panned out its a cool past season 'IT' bag really.
    I did turn down the sand colored Paddy,it was a lot more and I had finally caught onto the whole 'it' bag thing by then,got cautious,did'nt buy it,went with the Elgin and I have never looked back in terms of impulse buying now.I have learned 'it' or not,if it does'nt suit me,its not for me!!
  12. It is really difficult to pay full whack when you've seen the discounts given at outlets and sales, I've not been to an outlet myself but from what I have read here so much makes it through at a good reduction it is very hard to just go to the shop and buy at tag price.

    I remember when I wanted something in the Apple green, about 2 1/2 years ago now, I even opened a corporate gift account with Mulberry to get the discount but it didn't work out. I ended up going into a store and paying because I didn't want to miss out on the colour, but even now there are some floating about so I panicked for nothing.

    The account I opened didn't work out as they said I could order from the site, at the site prices, and so long as I made minimum spend of £1000 I would get a 35% discount, I did this but then they wanted to add VAT, I argued as I said the website prices already included VAT so this way I'm paying it twice, but they wouldn't have it so I've never used the account. :rolleyes:
  13. I have 6 and all either came from sales, outlets or eBay!! I love to find a bargain...

  14. Yay! Another bargain hunter! I don't do ebay but all mine have been outlet or sales too.
  15. My previous bags have all been on sale or from the outlet. The next one I plan to but will probably be full price but thats because a) its hard to find in the outlets (well im finding it so anyway :sad:) and b) its 'only' £300 full price :yahoo:

    I probably wouldnt spend more than about £500 on a bag, I dont know why Ive come up with that figure, but it just seems about right!