Will you pay $2000 for a Caviar Coco Cabas?

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  1. Initially i was planning to pay premium price to buy a coco cabas vinyl. but seems like no luck unless i wish to pay up to 50% over the original price which is around $1500 !!!

    I was looking at eBay today and saw a few Caviar coco cabas asking for $2000, compare to the vinyl one i am paying around 30% extra instead of 50%.. does the price $2000 sounds reasonable to you?

    is both coco cabas already been discontinued?
  2. personally, i wouldn't pay that amount of $. that's almost 2 bags right there!
    well, 1.5 bags for chanel prices, i guess. if you really want it though, go for it.
  3. The leather retails for $1798 in the US, plus tax, depending on where you purchase the bag. Tax can be anywhere from 5% to 8.5%, so $2000 is not that much over retail. After eBay fees and paypal fees, the seller is making a little over $100 profit. On the other hand, the markup on the vinyl bags is ridiculous!
  4. I think the vinyl price is ridiculous too!! but sadly all the prices on eBay are around $1450 - $1800( some fake one is even selling for $1000) !!!

    Originally before I looked at the price, I like the caviar's one more because it is more low key and seems more long lasting. but i want to keep my it under my budget at time and i think vinyl is a chic choice too.

    But after i looked at ebay and rang up all the stores, seems ebay is my once source to get the bag and i have to pay up to $1500 + for everything including the shipping. seems to me it might be more worth to pay a bit more and get the bag i really like! ( since i am way over budget anyway and paying crazy premium price for the vinyl bag!)
  5. Does the Caviar one with the big cc logo retail for $1798?? I think it is selling for $1650 in store?
  6. I think she was talking about the cruise cabas, aka the baby. The original is $1650.
  7. i was also having the same question my self.
    btw is the XL vinyl cost 1225, the smaller one 995?
  8. I agreed~
    The price for the vinyl ones are ridiculous... 1500-1600 for a plastic bag! That is double the retail price! I rather get the leather cabas, as cougess said after taxes, paypal and listing fees, they are not earning alot. I think that is much more reasonable! Why not getting a leather one instead?
  9. While I love my Cruise khaki cabas, I think I paid enough at the retail price (no sales tax luckily since there is no Nordstrom in my state). I exchanged a bag to get hold of it. If I didn't have the exchange handy I would not have purchased the Cabas at all. It's a great bag, but I don't think it's such a TDF status bag now that I own it. It is, however, much more practical for me than the Jumbo Classic Flap I exchanged for it.
  10. $2000 is just shy of what retail is (with tax) where I live (WA State) for the leather bag.
  11. If you love the bag, and its impossible to find, I would go for it!
  12. i agree with you
  13. Hi ChloeSS. May I know which store or which seller is selling the vinyl coco cabas?? i'm so desperate for this bag that i am considering to pay the premium
  14. nope not for a used one for sure.
  15. I know currently the baby cabas are going for like 1995 at the stores, if they still have it. :smile: But its going to be hard to find, you need to ask around. Not too sure if they are going to bring it back, the last I ask my SA, she say its out at NM.

    Anyway, I love the baby cabas, but I am a tote gal, becoz I carry simply too much stuff in my bag and I like to dump and go, its a good shopping bag. The flaps are nice for dressier occasions but I seldom bring them out when I go shopping.
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