Will you or your family be watching OSU vs Michigan College Football this Saturday?


Watching OSU/Michigan Football Game Saturday?

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  1. Being an alumi of OSU, I'll be glued to the TV tomorrow afternoon, watching #1 and #2 college football teams fight it out. I already told my husband that we would be taking out meals tomorrow, for I am not going to miss a minute of the game. When the game is over, the Rutgers (State U of NJ) will be on. And yes, you guess it. I'll be tied up again.

    Wonder if you or your family will be watching college football tomorrow?
  2. Yes. Woo-hoo! Go Buckeyes!!!!

    My hubby and I moved to WV from Ohio. My entire family will be glued to the tv tomorrow. We cheer for WVU now that we live here, but OSU is where the heart is!
  3. Yep! I live in Louisiana now, but I'm a Michigan native, and my mom got her degrees from U of M. I'm going to my parents' house to watch the game.

    Go Blue!

  4. [​IMG]

    Go BLUE!

  5. [​IMG]
    ...me again!!!
  6. Monday, January 3
    [FONT=arial, geneva]The 10 greatest rivalries[/FONT]

    from ESPN.com
    ...and #1...1. Michigan vs. Ohio State
    When Ohio Stadium opened in 1922, Michigan spoiled the party with a 22-0 victory. The rivalry was heated in the early days as both have been long-time college football powers. But it got even hotter in 1969, when Bo Schembechler took over as Michigan's coach and upset Woody Hayes' No. 1-ranked, undefeated Buckeyes. Four times in the next six years, both teams were ranked in the top five when they met. In 1970 and 1973, both were undefeated (they tied 10-10 in '73). From 1970 through 1975, Michigan entered without a loss every year. The Wolverines won just once. Ohio State was 9-0-1 in 1993, 11-0 in 1995 and 10-0 in 1996. The Buckeyes lost each time. That is rivalry.
  7. So awful about Bo Schembechler passing away today.
  8. Being a grad. of Michigan State, I have to hope the Buckeyes rule on Saturday.
  9. GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    Bring home a win for BO!!!:crybaby:
  10. my husband lives in columbus, so we're rooting for OSU, although i was very close to going to michigan for undergrad.

    We went down to campus last night...it was craaaazy!
  11. [​IMG]

    Megs and I will be at the game.

    :yahoo:GO BUCKS! :yahoo:
  12. I am sorry but I will have to ban everyone rooting for UofM today. :sneaky:
  13. :shame: eh ! No !
  14. Go ahead, ban me! Buckeyes suck!!!:yucky:

    GO MICHIGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. WHOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!