Will you let someone borrow your Chanel?

  1. My cousin, who already thinks I am going to will all my bags to her, wants to borrow one of my bags and I am really not a selfish person but I have a problem with this - I mean she will take care of it and all - and I have no problem lending her anything else - how do I politely refuse because ok well I am selfish when it comes to my Chanels??
  2. I would be hesitant too! Maybe only a black caviar to a very good responsible non-smoking friend-for a night. Maybe you could offer her a different bag to borrow and politely explain that your Chanels are sacred to you and you don't loan them to anyone (so she doesn't feel like it's her). Personally, I would be thrilled if one of my cousins lended me anything nice (but they don't collect fancy stuff). I think she'll understand that you're not stingy since you loan her other stuff. There's just some stuff that's sacred and Chanel is one of those things!
  3. Yes, i do loan bags to my Sis even though i know she isn't as careful as me in takin care of bags. However, i can't reject since she is my only sis. Normally after she using it, i will make a fuss over it and pick things on her (why u never keep the bag into the dustbag...blar..blar)
  4. Hmm..interesting....I dont think i'd ever lend anyone any of my chanel purses, not even my mom! I dont even let my parents drive my car...u just never know...s**t happens!
    How about just avoiding her until shes over it? :okay:
  5. No....simple. There are a number of reasons why, any will do. Really, it might be just me, but I can't imagine anyone asking me...... I guess since you have been asked you are now in a spot......telling your cousin no, does not mean you are selfish. To me it says you are responsible and value the things you have worked hard to be able to buy and own.

    I find if you don't borrow and don't let others borrow...things are so much easier.
  6. Only my sisters. We're very close and shared almost everything growing up. So if my sisters want to borrow my Chanels, I would have no problem with that. Other than my sisters, I don't know anyone who would even ask.
  7. Honestly, just tell her that you spent a lot of money on your Chanel collection and it has a lot of value to you and you would prefer not to lend it to anyone else because it makes you uncomfortable.

    Tell her she's more than welcome to borrow anything else (like you said she could), but that the Chanels are for your own personal use.

    I would never let anyone borrow my Chanels with the exception of my mom since she helped pay for some of them. I already get nervous when people just ask to look at them or touch them.
  8. I'm very protective of my Chanel bags, so I wouldn't let anyone, not even family members, borrow any of them. I'm lucky though; my sister wouldn't borrow any of my bags even if I paid her to. My friends and family know that I am very finicky about all of my designer accessories, so they would never dare ask to borrow anything. :rolleyes:

  9. hahahahahahahaha NO - I would not lend my chanel (or any other designer bag) to anyone.

    Just say (in a nice way, maybe with a little laugh) "Oh, I'd really rather not." If she's a good cousin, she'll get the hint. If she gets snippy, be glad that you didn't! I just hate when people ask you something and they're really only expecting a "yes." To me, they're not actually asking, they're telling you that they're going to do it.

    At the end of the day, I would rather have someone get a bit upset with me (they'll get over it), rather than have one of my bags damaged - imagine how upset you'd be if something happened! ...and by then, it's too late to do anything about it!
  10. I will only let one person borrow my Chanel handbags and it's my good friend Allison. She's a Chanel addict as well so she knows how to take care of my bags.

    Tell your cousin the truth. Don't fail to mention that you are uncomfortable letting ANYONE (not just her) borrow your Chanel bags because (.... insert here....). Or offer to loan her another fabulous bag. I'm sure your cousin will understand. Goodluck!
  11. NO WAY! I don't trust anyone but my DH and myself with my Chanels. I just don't feel like other people will take as good of care of my purses as I do. I am SUPER CAREFUL with my lambskin bags especially. Rather safe and stubborn then sorry!!!
  12. No not my Chanel, especially when I only have one as of now. I almost died yesterday when I went clubbing with my Chanel. Never again! I would consider lending my other bags though, but this depends on how close the friend in question is and if she is careful with it.
  13. I would like to be magnanimous but who am I kidding. My answer would be NO :p......I've my just started my 'collection' so I'd like to keep my bags to myself for a (long) while.
  14. My sister asked to borrow my Chanel bag for an interiew and I said no. I explained to her how precious my classic flap was and also explained if she lost it or damaged the bag she would be responsible to pay the £1000+ for replacing the bag- which she did not have as she is only 17!
  15. I'm baby my bags so much and people know... so even my mom doesn't want to touch my bags LOL. I'd lend my bags to my sister though because I know she takes good care of her things.