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  1. Hi I just bough a LV speedy 25 for $242.00 (used) and I was wondering if you guys can let me know about what you think regarding its authenticity and quality. Thanks and I really appreciate it! Attachment included (I hope it works)!

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  2. Hi ,
    Can you show a picture of the sides of the bag? Especially the leaf where it says Louis Vuitton Paris made in USA or France. It helps to look at the type of font they use for the lettering. :o)
  3. I am pretty sure the bag is fake. See how uneven the stitching on the handle is:

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  4. I second that,

    the handles are too oversized, they cut off the LVs...that shouldn't happen on a 25,

    and I'm pretty sure there's no D ring on one either...
  5. Something looks off.. I just can't seem to place it..
    Also for a used bag, the patina seems awfully light and pale.. ie. NEW! And that's a very low price for a "used" Speedy.
    .. Also just compared to my Speedy, my D-ring is on the right side, the side the zipper originates from. Could this be a mirror image?

    Like Melissa was suggesting.. post more pics..!
  6. Ditto. Something about the canvas or the shapes of the LV look off.
  7. The seams on the bag look too prominent..
  8. I agree- the handles look too big and a little off kilter
  9. Ayla.. you nailed it!!
    No matter what angle I turn my Speedy at, you can barely see those vachetta leather seams...
    Zazipod.. you may wanna see abt getting a refund!
  10. I agree w/ everyone, although my Speedy 25 does have a D ring
    I was on the understanding that was one way to tell as wel;.. these ones look the same and wrong

    also my d ring is on the otherside
  12. i would second everyone that the handles look off and there's something about the shape/canvas that doesn't look right
  13. GREAT!!!! I'm an idiot then for buying it. I'll see if I can file a fraud report and get my money back!
  14. you're not an idiot. lots of people get taken on fake bags. that's one of the many reasons i hate fakes. :\
  15. Does the seller have an authenticity guarantee? Maybe you and him can work it out and he'll refund u yr money ASAP. Afterall he KNOWS he sold u a fake... he was just hoping you didn't know any better but a-ha you got all of us here looking out for you.