Will you give GARDASIL to your daughter?

  1. The last time I took DD to her physical examan the doctor talked to me about Gardasil, he actually said this "It is crazy not to give it to our children".

    Are you going to give this vaccine to your daughters?
  2. I have just started this myself, and see nothing wrong with protecting myself to a degree from a form of cancer
  3. I hope to get it and if I had a daughter I would let her get it too.
  4. For sure!!! I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year and had to go through two surgeries. Believe me, I wish Gardasil was available when I was young. It might have saved me from getting sick. I would hope anyone with a daughter would want to protect her from cancer, infertility, or even death.
  5. No, for various reasons I won't go into.
  6. Tentatively, YES. By the time my dd is old enough to get it (age 9 or 10 I think they are suggesting) it will have had a number of years more research and use. I am all for the vaccine, but I am just a little unsure because it has been in actual use for such a short time that I worry about any possible side or long-term effects. Even so, the vaccine is almost certainly better than the alternative of not being protected.
  7. From my limited information about it, I would give it to my daughter, should I have the good fortune to have one. My sister has HPV and she has an abnormal pap every year and has to go through the whole song and dance each time.

    Dani- curious to know why you wouldn't? Is it a personal decision or a medical one? Like I said, my info is limited, so any further info or different perspective might benefit people struggling w/a decision...
  8. Yes! I've actually just started it myself, at 19, and I think it's probably a good idea. Even though it's just the one cancer, it apparently affects a lot of the population. Have you researched it and stuff?
  9. absolutely!

    There was a heated discussion on a parenting board I'm on and people were saying "its like telling your DD it's okay to have sex!"

    NO, it's not:nogood:

    HPV can cause cancer and ultimately become fatal, it's my responisbity to protect my babies if I can.
    I won't be explaining to my DD that she's getting it so when she has sex she's a tiny bit safer, it'll be explained as I love you and we're taking one extra step to insure your health.
  10. My dd's are too young but I would most likely have it done when they are old enough.

    And ITA with Swanky. A large percentage of women unknowingly have contracted various forms of HPV and it is very easily passed during sex. Most women don't even know they have it.
  11. I absolutely agree that this vaccine is NOT giving implicit consent to have sex! In fact, most girls wouldn't be of the age to fully understand what it prevents and how they could get it except maybe to say it is cancer and it was to protect their health.

    Additionally, it doesn't matter how chaste anyone is. They could wait to have sex until their wedding night and get it from their husband (who didn't know he was a carrier, either).

    And even if it DID give them permission to have sex, cancer is never an appropriate consequence to any behavior! How could anyone seriously insist that cancer would be an appropriate consequence or "punishment" for having premarital sex?
  12. ^ Not to mention there are also other ways of getting it sexually that are out of your child's control, which are terrible but also something to consider: being molested, raped, etc.
  13. WORD Hautemama and Jap!
  14. When my daughter is old enough definatley.
  15. I'm looking into getting it. I was worried I might have passed the age limit, but my doctor said that I was still eligible because I'm not sexually active.

    Swanky, Haute Mama and jap have so eloquently posted everything I wanted to say about it, so I won't repeat it.