Will you get anything for...........

  1. Valentines day??:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
    I never get anything i say i don't want anything then when he doesn't get me anything i moan!!!
  2. i never do not even a card if i want something i have to buy it myself which isn't such a bad thing i don't feel guilty because its a present to me from me :yes:my valentines gift to me this year will be a lemon bayswater i've got it on reserve from outlet not seen it yet in real life hope its everything i'm hoping for with the mulberry pallete i shouldn't be too worried i hope -the price ........wait for it girls £247 a bays for £247 fully lined feet and lock a dream come true just a shame we can't get these deals on the traditional mulberry colours oak choc black etc xx :nuts:
  3. My BF is giving me perfume.

    He asked what I wanted so I told him. The one I want is not easily available so I've ordered it and he'll pay me back. Not romantic but this way I get what I want.
  4. I booked a weekend in Paris back in September because my hisband never does anything romantic.
    We are finally going on the 15th...I have never been and I am so excited! I got a cheap deal (£475 for the weekend in a 4 star hotel recommended by our friends) because I booked so far in advance!
  5. He'll most likely ask me if I want a present :rolleyes: So yeah, I might do if I request one, but thats not really how it should work, is it?! :lol:

    We are going on a mini getaway at the start of March so I might suggest putting some money towards that for a treat when we are away :tup:
  6. Probably a card. We don't tend to go mad with valentines day. Thinking of ordering some nice massage oil and a candle from Neal's Yard!!!!
  7. ... I hope I will!:p
  8. I usually get a card with present (jewellery ,small painting one year) with flowers.
  9. I'm single, not dating - so won't even be getting a card this year.

  10. you might get an anonymous one!!!!!!! How exciting would that be!!!:nuts:
  11. Nice thought Jo but very much doubt it, getting an anonymous cards means a wind up in my environment.
  12. Yes- i can see that might be the case!!!:rolleyes:
  13. Hey riffraff...don't worry we have all been there. I got an anonymous card when I was single and I still have no idea who it was from. :confused1:

    And even when you are married, it dosn't mean that you get anything (unless you get it yourself).

    Most men just don't have a clue. I would prefer to be single on V Day because it would save hurt feelings! I always think "I had two babies for you, you jerk!". Surely a little show of love is in order!

    Our trip away was very much my doing and only because we talked about it for years. And when I ask him if he is excited he just :shrugs: !!!!!!!
  14. here here!! i go mad every year that he does nothing so therefor you would think he would get it right the next year i mean he has over 300 days to sort it and lways says he didn't get time!!! what a crap excuse!
    i like the sound of that lemon bays.
  15. To be fair my Dh normally gets me a dozen red roses. it's normally me feeling guilty i only got him a card!!!!