Will You Ever ...

  1. Let someone borrow your Hermes bag? If so, who and which bag?
  2. nope
  3. Well, I only have two (for now), but would lend them to my mom and sister (if they signed a written indemnity for any damages to the bags, JUST KIDDING:P) and a close friend who I trust understands and appreciates Hermes bags..
  4. Sure, I'd lend any one of mine to my mom and my sisters. No one else...
  5. ok - maybe i sounded a bit harsh. here's the thing, i've seen the state of the handbags that belong to my mom (and i have no sister). "thrashed" would be an understatement! and it's not due to a small accessories collection (she's up there w/ kimora lee simmons). she's just really rough on her handbags! and all my close GFs have darling little children. so regardless of how much i dote on my adorable neices & nephews, the answer is still no.
  6. hermes_lemming, thanks for the explanation. I totally understand your situation!
  7. no from me, too.....oh, perhaps the lady members of the hermes forum here.....because I'd know I could trust you all!:yes:
  8. Kristie, you are sweet:tender: However, for sure Lux will be all over your bags!
  9. no samel applies also for clothes and jewelry. it is something so personal for me that i can´t bear the idea of letting someone else wearing it
  10. He, he...I'm hoping to have a collection that I can pass onto my girls:yes: ...Princess Caroline apparently uses one of Grace's bags - whether this is true or not, I don't know?
  11. Actually, I have to keep a few items under lock and key because my sister will borrow them without my knowledge. If she would take better care of these bags I would let her.
  12. I don't have to really worry...no one ever takes an ineterest in my things...they think I am nuts.
  13. As much as I love my mother and sister, NO! My sister is as careful as I am but she has her own collection. My mom doesn't appreciate bags as much as I do and therefore doesn't baby them like I do.
  14. Only my two best friends. Anyone else can forget it. :supacool:
  15. My mom is so careful with bags that I might let her for a special event or something. Otherwise, nope! :smile:
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