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  1. I own this bag and was thinking of selling it since i don't carry it too often. I won't post it on ebay or the marketplace until i get some good responds. It's in perfect condition I paid $2000 for it in a Chanel boutique so i'm looking for offers around that price.
    ( I took these pics from ebay but my purse looks exactly the same.)
    ch1.jpg ch2.jpg
  2. Its hard to get the price you paid for...because anyone can go to Chanel and get it new for that price...I would only sell it for a lower deal( at least 300 lower)...otherwise..I dont think there will be interest..Just my 2 cents!!
  3. Beautiful Bag,btw!!! Love!!
  4. I agree and i have no problem selling it for $300 less. any offers?
    I think i should post this in marketplace now...... thanks Jill
  5. Moe, Can you post pics with it on your shoulder so that I can see the proportions of it. I'm really short, so i'd like to see how it hangs. Thanks!
  6. Someone sold one in the Marketplace recently. . . you could look to see how much she was asking.

    Should we close this one?
  7. Hmmmmmm..........It's nice, I really like it, but the couple things that I'd worry about would be the white on black stitching, which can sometimes "cheapen" a bag, as well as the drawstring, Petit Noe-like shape, which has never been a s popular as it was in the '80's and '90's. I really think its nice though!
  8. I have this bag in yellow-the small size. For some reason-I think it is my favorite Chanel-it's very unique and the lambskin just feels so luxurious...I just love carrying it!!
  9. Can you please add the link to the one that was sold i can't find it. thanks
  10. aaaah, I don't know who's it was. . . let me look through my posts, I think I asked her a question.
  11. gorgeous
  12. MOE!!! why are you selling it?!?!?!?!?u just got it!!
  13. I do love this bag, but i rarely carry it so i just want to know if anyone else wants it if i don't sell it, it won't be the end of the world for me i'll just keep it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.