Will you buy the pre-glue artificial nails in store or go to nail salon?

  1. If you want to beautify your nails,You prefer to go to nail salon or buy design artificial nails in store?
  2. I've done both...but stopped buying the artificial ones from the store once I turned 13. My mom let me get them done for my 8th grade graduation and every once in a while after that if I had some extra money, I'd get them done. I could never find a proper fit from store-bought nails and they never stayed on long enough for me to enjoy them. Not only that, but I'd make a mess with the glue and wind up getting my fingers stuck together. Not fun. Of course if you're short on money then it's an option, but not one that I'd go for.

    Now I just get my toenails done because I work at a hair salon and have my hands in water all day long. Getting a manicure is pointless for me and acrylic nails take way too long for me to get off so I just stick to pedis.
  3. I like to keep my own nail but do design on it at the nail salon.
  4. Because I use my fingers so much, I have to make do with semi-beautified natural nails that I semi-beautify myself.

    I never had good luck with stick-on nails, even for temporary costume occasions, they just come off too easily. You should at least be able to pop open a can. And I know there are all kinds of superduper adhesives that I could use that might make them stay on. But then they would outstay their welcome, and refuse to go home when the party was over.
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