Will you buy shoe that is solely for it's beauty?

  1. When you see something that is just gorgeous will you go ahead and buy it? Even if you know you won't wear it, it's pricy,and heck it's not even your size:huh: ? But it's just so pretty to look at!:love:
  2. NO... not if its not my size! ;) But I have bought shoes that are very expensive and painful to walk in simply because they were just SOOOO beautiful. I still only wear them maybe once a year, but I don't think I'd ever part with them. ;)
  3. no......
  4. No, I only buy shoes I can wear.
  5. i won't buy it if it is not my size but i'll buy it if it is so beautiful but i might not wear it often.
  6. I second that!!
  7. I almost tempted to and just keep telling myself those shoes should better wear 2 sizes smaller and maybe it will fit?!....on the other hand the voice of reasoning part of me keep telling me NO! Mean NO! :sad:
  8. ditto!
  9. what about buying shoes that you consider art pieces in your size... but you never ever wear them outside, only putting them on to prance around your room whilst lip synching to my best of the early 90's mix CD? (all hail ace of base)

    because I definetly do that.
  10. No, It has to be my size
  11. If it's not my size, then no. That's a bit too extreme for me, haha. They have to at least be my size, even if I may never wear them.
  12. ^ same, it has to be in my size.
    but i would buy a shoe that is beautiful even if it is more beautiful than practical (eg hard to clean, easy dirty, uncomfortable/painful, garish / loud / slutty-looking), and end up keeping it on the shelf forever. as long as i MAY be able to wear it =D
  13. I have a few of those! Hard to wear cloth shoes in snow and rain.
  14. It has to fit!
  15. yes , i would!