Will You Buy KLS?

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  1. That's Kimora Lee Simmons new make-up line at Sephora. I saw it online at sephora.com and it looks pretty good.
  2. I would have to see it IRL. I don't really like her so prob not. I belong to a makeup forum and a lot of people on there are very anti-KLS.
  3. I haven't seen any of it in real life yet to decide. Her perfume was selling out of Sephora stores like crazy- so I'm sure she isn't worried about the makeup being a bust.
  4. hmm I wouldnt buy it, KLS annoys me alot.
  5. Ditto! Not only is she annoying but the KLS packaging is terribly tacky and looks cheap. Noooooooo thanks!! :sick:
  6. Probably not. I don't even like her Baby Phat line. The handbags are the worst, being all covered with studs and bling. Tacky, tacky, tacky.
  7. I think I'd rather stick with some of the staid make-up brands.

    jasanna what make-up forum is that? I'm on an Indiana Jones like quest always to find the perfect foundation that suits my albino-like paleness.
  8. I guess I feel obligated to buy some since Russell has a very young girlfriend!
  9. Oh my gosh! Go to makeupalley.com and register! They have such fabulous experts and just gals who talk about makeup ALLLLLLL DAY/NIGHT! I'm not kidding either! Their passion is makeup so I'm sure you could get a plethora of info to suit your every need.
  10. Probably not...
  11. I was thinking about trying to find a make-up forum recently....what is the name of it, if you don't mind me asking.
  12. Don't care for her whole look/attitude, so I would not buy her products...her perfume bottle was cute, but I still wouldn't buy it even for that reason
  13. Make-Alley is a nice forum and I have found many reviews to be honest and correct
  14. wow, a makeup forum!! god i love the internet!
  15. I would buy it if the colors and quality were up to standards and worked on my skin. I could care less about who she is or what she does/doesn't do.

    I use Lancome' so it would have to beat that. :smile:
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