Will you buy it from ebay or from store?


Will you buy from ebay?

  1. Buy from ebay, save $150

  2. Buy from store

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  1. If there is a bag currently available in the store, would you buy one slighted used (like new one) off eBay with $150 less than the amount would cost you to buy a new one in the store? The cost to purchase in the store includes gift card event and points you will get from the purchase.

    What would you do? I know it is kind of personal perference, just want to know what you girls think...

  2. If I'm saving only $150, my peace of mind is worth that $ to buy from an actual store. If it was something like $500 and I had it autheticated here, it's worth it to buy of eBay.
  3. In my opinion, eBay is ridiculous. That is just too much money to waste on a possible scam. I'd much rather purchase from the boutique and know for sure that it's real than try to save a few bucks. Once I've agreed to spend that much money, trying to get a "deal" on a place like eBay just isn't worth it.
  4. I will only buy from eBay if it is a seller known thru tPF or prior purchases and/or if it's a bag I can't otherwise get and/or I am saving a boatload of $$$. For $150 I would def. do the store/boutique and have peace of mind and a brand new bag.
  5. regardless of the savings...I always go to the boutique...not only because I know it will be authentic...but because of the experience!
  6. I agree with the majority. For that small savings I'd rather have the knowledge that it is authentic from the store.
  7. Store for sure. $150 is not enough of a savings.
  8. I only buy my more expensive items from the designer's boutique or a dept. store like Saks, NM, Bergdorf Goodman...

    My peace of mind is worth more than $150 LOL!!!
  9. Buy from store!!! There's not much savings... only $150. You pay $150 more, but you can rest assured its authenticity.
  10. Agree!
  11. Thanks for everyone for voting!

    If I didn't make it clear, the price in the store is about $450 more than ebay, but with the gift card event I can get $300 gift card toward next purchase...

    will that make a difference?
  12. I agree with everybody, ebay is just not safe, all sellers claim their merchandise to be not counterfeit but unless you personally know the seller I would not trust them!!
  13. I only resort to ebay if its something I cant find in the stores anymore...and if it is agreed on the board to be authentic. But if you can still get it in the store...I would be safe and get it from the store!

    Where can you get $300 gift card towards your next purchase? I need to be buying from that store!!
  14. Saks is having the gift card event on 4/26... you will get $300 if you spend over $2,000...
  15. It also depends on your finances, if you feel confident that is a genuine bag and $150 is still a chunk of money for you go for the Ebay one.... personally I would save up from somewhere else and go for the full frontal experience of the boutique, it's just so much fun!! Or go for the Saks GC event!!