Will you buy if there's a darkened spot?

  1. Hi all lovely ladies..

    Maybe you're aware that I'm searching for the purple medium classic flap (well, i'm the one who started that thread and some of the members got it already ;) ). the SA here said the caviar is out of stock and the only lambskin one is on hold for me right now. however, i examined it and found a tiny darkened spot (around the size of sharpened pencil). the SA said it's not dirty, just get darkened in the processing and not a defect at all.

    i'm struggling whether to get it or not. u'll find the spot if looking at it very closely, but not visible on carrying it. also, the SA said there's new feature named "cloudy effect" which the bag appears not in even color, and this makes the spot harder to spot. worst of all, this bag has been sold out worldwide (in chanel shop i guess) and it's not possible to get another one. :sad:

    will you get it? i'm quite a picky person and paying for this huge sum of money, i want my bag to be perfect. but this bag is the only one which i'm longing for over the past few months....
  2. Aww I understand how you feel. I have the violet lambskin east west, everytime I had a closer look there seems to be a new spot :sad:
    If its not visible when you carrying it, I say just get it. This baby will bound to have natural 'marks' after several use, so even if you can get the perfect one, it wont eventually be 100% in near future.
  3. forgot to mention, the spot is around 2 inches left of the crasp of the front flap..

    glistenpearls, you got the violet lambskin? that's so great... do you know how it gets those natural marks? is it all lambskin will get so easily?
  4. VERY tough decision. I have a taupe lambskin clutch that I love but was warned it can get marked easily. The SA was able to get me one from out the back (not display) and as it is a evening bag it is used infrequently. So far I have not marked it!

    BUT, it is a lot of money to pay for a non-perfect bag and if you intend to use it often more and more marks will appear.

    So, the conclusion is: I don't know!! You must know yourself well enought o know if you will be ahppy with it or not.

    Maybe you are only unhappy because it is the first spot and you didn't make it...
  5. I found that some marks were already there when I bought it. I guess it happened during the handling or even from the chains, am not sure. The marks that I was talking about is the fainted white-ish scratches..like the one you occasionally find in the natural leather. So its not deep scratches or anything, but they are visible from my skylights :sad:.

    My coral pink lambskin tote however is a lot easier to maintain maybe because its lighter color? The TSAs lady at LAX even abuse it once :yucky: during security check and it was fine.

    I guess it is now come down to how much you really love the bag. I love mine and I know I regret it if am too pedantic about those marks and end up not buying it and am 100% sure someone else will snapped it in the second.

    How about just buy it for now and see how you feel in a couple of days? If you still feel not too happy about it, just return it? Just my thought...sorry for the long post :smile:
  6. thanks all for your comment

    Shari, yes, maybe it's becoz i'm not the one who made the spot and it's the very first spot which made me that annoyed..:sad:

    is it the new lambskin easier to handle? i'm afriad my fingernails will scratch it..

    the SA said the bag will be kept for me for a couple of days. if i let it go, i'm sure someone will grab it right away, esp x'mas is on the way...i've thought of buying it first but i can't see anything i love (except this bag) ..
  7. I wish we could see a picture of this "spot"...

    Is it possible to tell the SA that you will purchase it, but will see how you feel about it when you get it home and if the "spot" continues to bother you, you'll return it?

    You may have to live with it at home for awhile to see how you feel about it... and that way you can take a picture of the bag, post it here, and we'll give you our very honest opinions!