will you buy from a seller who says she still doesn't have the item with her?

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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/My-Ebay-Store-Re...ht_2653wt_1167

    hi guys! although the bag looks authentic, this seller seems very dubious. she mentions she has 4 jumbo in stock! and when asked for pictures, she said the bag was not with her. please advise before she gets to scam a lot of people, in case she is a scammer.
  2. my question to her would be "how do you have it 'in stock' when you don't actually have it?"
  3. Can't get your link to work for me but can you repost. I would not buy from this person! Sellers are supposed to actually be in possession of their items they list. Another good reason not to buy from listings with stock pictures.
  4. I wouldn't buy from them. It's coming from an outside source and is most surely a fake.
  5. Has 4 in stock, but none in her possession? NO. I would certainly NOT buy from this person.
  6. Not to mention, she's got a "1" for feedback, from a "0" feedback buyer, for an e-copy of her own artwork. For (supposedly) 20 sold. Each for $1.

    So "buying & selling feedback" that was apparently not too effective. RUN. Run fast & far from this. Far too many red flags -- I wouldn't trust this seller on a $10 transaction, let alone a $1000s transaction.
  7. This happened to me. She said her "friend" had it. I waited and waited and when the bag came it was FAKE!! A lot of people get them shipped in from other places. HUGE RED FLAG!
  8. Yes most likely a fake is "drop shipped" from somewhere the orient.
  9. I would definately not buy anything!!
  10. Note that photo #2 [full front view] in the listing for the red caviar is "watermarked" from a different eBay seller.
  11. #13 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    ^Yeah using another sellers pictures is not good practice...

    According to Ebay's Policies: The seller must have the item with them and they must post recent pictures of the actual item for sale. The price on the second link seems reasonable but the red one is definetly too good to be true! Also the seller has one fb, which is not always a problem but there seems to be too many red flags here...

    Also since the seller lives by me so I sent her this message:
    I am interested to see how this seller will reply!

    "Hi there,

    I would like to purchase this bag is it possible for you to send me additional pictures? Also I also live in Burnaby would you be willing to meet up with me so I can verify authenticity myself prior to paying. I am a handbag collector so I am able to authenticate bags myself.

  12. nope! most likely it's fake and have to consider her feedback too

  13. I also vaguely remember a seller on ebay mentioning that she always puts some flowers in the background of her auctions to protect her pics...this one has flowers in the background too...