Will you buy a Louis Vuitton with your stimulus check?

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  1. One part of the stimulus check is to promote spending to keep businesses afloat. It doesn't matter if that business is a mom and pop shop, your local farmers market vendors, or a luxery store.
  2. I've always supported local businesses and still do.
    Who said I'm spending it all? Who said I'm not saving it?
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  3. I've already been researching that. That was actually my first thought. To spend so much money on a handbag, I want to make sure of its authenticity. I understand there are people who can authenticate but I need to know for myself that it is real. I have looked into posts where people have receipts as well to prove the authenticity.
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  4. The underlying reason is due to the virus. You are correct. Since I'm an American, in America we are considered a capitalist country. Therefore the economy drives everything. Hence why the government wants people to spend. I hate this whole pandemic happened. If it didn't happen would I still be able to buy a luxury item yes.
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  5. I am really honestly surprised by how many people are being over the top judgy about how you want to spend YOUR money. I think we have all been caged up for too long due to the virus. Folks just need to take a time out. Wow.
  6. This is the purse forum so please buy the bag and enjoy it x
  7. Even though this thread got crazy, it was a great distraction whilst working from home! It’s not that serious!
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  8. I know, I didn’t say you were. I was responding to a post that said you were.
  9. I agree. I was just so shocked that many people that post on this forum to share what many of their friends and peers deem frivolous spending, and converse about their purchases away from judgement would be so uptight and judgy (yes I made up that word lol). Talk about a verbal beat down/lashing! You would think the OP asked was it right to sacrifice her first born for a neonoe lol.
  10. From what I have read on this Thread only the OP & another two Members are eligible to receive a check so far? This just reminds me of FB & IG with everyone posting their latest purchases. Everyone is living the high life & has no debt. I don't believe it for a minute. You don't own a house when there is a mortgage on it (the lender/bank does) nor do you own your car(s) if they are under fiance (fiance/lease company does). It can ALL get taken away when you don't pay back the money you borrowed. And lets not forget about CC & limits on those.
  11. From this post, you are very articulate and obviously intelligent. Your first post was somewhat blunt and I am sure if you re-read it, you will see why you got so many negative reactions. This situation is putting pressure on everyone worldwide and reactions are more snappy if it appears someone is being frivolous. You seem sensible with your finances however so I am sure you will make a choice that is right for you.
  12. OP, buy what you want!! It’s your money. It sounds like you have everything covered. We all need happiness right now. If this little bit of extra cash nudges you to buy something you wanted anyway I say go for it! Enjoy.
  13. This. Is what I was trying to say earlier today. That is all.

    I’ve wandered back here out of boredom. At the end of the day, I hope you buy whatever you want OP!
  14. OP, do what makes you happy and what works for you. You don't owe anyone an explanation, and if people want to judge, they can. You can also ignore. Take care and stay safe.
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  15. Thank you!
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