Will you buy a Louis Vuitton with your stimulus check?

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  1. #106 Mar 26, 2020 at 3:42 PM
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    Thank you. We actually run our household through one income so anything else that we get goes towards savings. I do pay for my sons tuition but that all is all that I contribute to. I save $50 per paycheck. I have never been into designer purchases like that but so this will be a new adventure for me. Trust me though, after this purchase, I probably wont buy one again until my son finishes college.

    Thanks for your post. The check is meant to be spent. However, I would advise those who need to save it, to do just that.

    Thank you for your response.
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  2. I don't qualify for it, so I honestly hadn't thought about how I'd spend it.
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    Thanks for your response.

    Thank you for your response.
  4. I live in Canada so we don't receive stimulus checks or understand how it works. But after reading this thread, it seems like US residents receives these checks if you do not make a certain amount of money whether or not you a currently employed? I am fortune enough to work from home and do not qualify for Employment Insurance benefits because I'm still getting paid. So to answer your question, I actually would purchase a luxury bag with the check ONLY if I were not temporarily laid off.

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  5. I'm not trolling. I just never posted. I always read posts.
  6. I'm not laid off. Thanks for your response.
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  7. Hello. I had no idea this many people posted on my thread. I asked my question and then logged off. The only reason I got back on so quickly was due to someones comment popping up telling people to leave me alone. Lol. I was like let me see whats going on here!
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  8. You definitely ruffled some feathers. I haven’t seen this many post on a thread in a while. Good job lol!
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  9. Thank you everyone that has replied to this thread. For those that will read this post in the future I wanted to say that I live on a one income household so all of the money that I have made since marrying my husband in 2013 has gone to savings and our sons tuition. Everyone has a financial thing that they like to spend their money on. Mine is furnishing my home with nice quality pieces and collecting art. I love Purseforum as I look at handbags as an art in a way. I made this post to see if others were going to purchase a designer handbag if we get the stimulus check. This post was not meant to be crude, crass, or insulting to those who can't afford it. Yes, I am an educator who makes around $60,000 a year. My profession should not have anything to do with how I handle my finances. I know some college mates of mine who work in high corporate jobs and in the health field as doctors and their credit is horrible and their in major debt. I have been blessed with a husband who has sound wisdom with our finances. If I could not afford a Louis Vuitton or any other designer bag, I would not even be looking at it. I didn't think I had to explain myself about a purchase that I wanted to make but I also know that people will judge you without knowing the full story. I welcome all opinions and posts on this thread. Thank you.
  10. Ok, so I have $1000 spare just floating around to spend on whatever I want. And let's say I qualify for the stimulus check in the amount of $1000. Is it an issue where or how I spend each of the $1000? I was gonna spend $1000 on stuff anyway, and now I have another $1000 to spend on stuff from the government. How does anyone know which $1000 went to a LV purchase and which $1000 went to buy goods/services from my town unless I told them?
  11. They wouldn't know. Thanks for your response.
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  12. Personally, I do not think it is anyone's business how you spend your money or what you spend it on - it is yours and you worked hard for it. If it sparks joy for you, go for it! Happy shopping :smile:
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  13. Thank you sweety!
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  14. You don't have to explain yourself. While I may not spend the same way as you or someone else, it doesn't mean the way you spend your money is wrong. We're all different. I think there's a bit of gate-keeping sometimes and people act like you don't deserve luxury goods if you don't have tons of money.
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  15. I got you. I understand now. Thanks for the response.
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