Will you buy a Louis Vuitton with your stimulus check?

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  1. Lol it did but I’m enjoying it. Working from home, which I am thankful for the privilege, can get a little boring without the social interaction and outlet.
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    My husband and I actually discussed how the people who really need the stimulus are going to blow it on frivolous things when they need to save, invest, pay bills etc. I’m fortunate to not have to worry about those things and thank God everyday I chose to marry a man who is financially wise. This is my first post, I wasn’t trying to troll. To be honest, I don’t even know what trolling is.

  3. Came through with facts! I love it! I want you on my imaginary debate team lol.
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  5. Me too!:smile:
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  6. I am. We live in Charlotte and one thing I love about it are the small businesses!
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  7. Welcome to your first thread on TPF - glad to have you. And pardon the sometimes cynical tone here, this sub-forum sadly gets its fair share of trolls at times, those that post controversial contents for the sake of stirring the pot and getting a rise out of people. :tup:
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  8. I’m glad you came back OP. I don’t post often but I would like to welcome you.
  9. Why? For those that can afford it, I just wanted to know if they are using their money to buy a handbag. If their saving it then that’s great too!
  10. It’s not apaklin
    Its not appalling it’s a question. I already have contributed to online live patronage of the businesses here and will continue to do so.
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  11. Hello. I’m not an irresponsible person. I never told anyone anything about my finances because I didn’t think I had to. Also, I didn’t say whether I was using $100 of it and adding it to what I set aside or if I was using the whole thing. A stimulus is money that is provided to be use to boost the economy with spending. If all of my bills are paid, I have multiple investments, my one child with my husband is taking care, and we have savings. To take out only $250 and add it to what I have been putting to the side is not irresponsible.
  12. I look at these check this way, all the hard hours I put into my job and every payday received with the tax taken out of my paystubs I contribute to our society, I got some more money back to me with addition to my tax return.
    OP you may choose whichever way you desire with the debate check. Most of us will do what we see best fit to put used of this check. Whether for frivolous things or not.

    I do qualify myself, perhaps I will take advantage of launching a online shop to make additional more income instead of putting that money into luxury goods when I can use my tax return plus my income I make for a luxury purchase. Either way I am waiting until this whole situation calms down where retail can reopen back to normal.
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    That's awesome!

    Thanks for your response.
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  14. Hi, I apologize for my reaction. Got caught up in the moment! I don’t know anything about you and rushed to judgments.

    Hope we can all just enjoy LV, and I don’t need to know where people get their money to fund it!
  15. Hello. People suffer all of the time. This post was not meant for people who are suffering. This post was meant for people that know they can afford to spend money on whatever item they want. I was not trying to be cynical nor not compassionate. People come on here 24/7 posting about their purchases on their wants while there are thousands of homeless people each year roaring the streets, animals in shelters tho need to be adopted, children who need to be adopted through foster care etc. The list goes on on. Yet, throughout all of these sufferings that happen, this blog yet thrives and people like you still log on during these tough times. Shalom.
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