Will you bulk up with pilates?

  1. Hi girls! I've been going to the gym recently and decided that I would like to join a Pilates studio. I toured the studio and really liked the environment, but I had a few doubts about starting pilates at this time:

    1) If one isn't at their ideal weight yet, would starting pilates prevent them from losing more weight and possibly make them gain weight? Would Pilates make a person bulk up before all of the necessary fat is lost?

    2) What kind of clothing would be best for Pilates? I definitely don't want to go in just a tank top or anything -- does anyone know of any good websites where I could browse for Pilates clothing?

    Thank you so much!
  2. Pilates is actually one of the best ways to tone up without adding bulk. Most of the movements combine strengthening with stretching, so you get nice long lean muscles. Most of it is not very cardio-intensive though, so if you have some weight to lose, you'll likely have to do some cardio a few times a week in addition to pilates. I suppose it is possible that you would actually gain weight from increased muscle, but it is unlikely and don't focus on what the scale says anyway - you'll notice a difference in how your clothing fits as you get more toned.

    As for clothing, wear comfortable clothing you can easily move in. Nothing too baggy that will get in the way, but it doesn't have to be head to toe spandex either ;)

    Good luck!
  3. I am the queen of bulking up-I gained weight running 5 miles a day and eating 1200 calories, and Pilates has always slimmed and toned my muscles.
  4. thank you both so much!
  5. Pilates is known for building long lean muscle... it is not known to bulk people up :nogood:

    As for clothing- I go with more fitting pants and a work out shirt/tank top/etc. I shop for Yogo clothing for pilates usually :yes:
  6. I love pilates!! its so great for the abs and stretching muscles you didn't even know you had esp those by the thighs ouch! lol

    you can wear anything comfy. i usually wear my sports bra, wifebeater tank, and a pair of loose sweats. oh and socks since you have to take off your sneakers. some chicks go barefoot but ew i wouldn't at the gym.
  7. It's nearly impossible for women to bulk up anyway, even with moderate strength training.
  8. yup

    pilates won't bulk you up at all. IMO its really only good for core strength, maybe a bit of back as well- not anything else.

    but I do recommend lifting heavy weights either with or in addition to pilates- you will look and feel much better- its really not about the number- I weigh within two pounds of what I weighed before I started lifting and I am a full clothing size smaller.
  9. Pilates is awesome! It really tones you down and gives you this long lean slender look! And I swear after I started doing it, I looked taller too LOL! I mean yes, I am 5'7" to begin with but my legs looked longer!!!
  10. thanks so much to all of you!
  11. nope, you won't. I used to do pilates very regularly (now I'm lazy since I do it at home) and I never bulked up.
  12. you will totally love pilates. I joined a different Gym today just bc they have pilates clases.
  13. You can buy cardio-pilates DVDs (I have one!) that incorporates a pilates workout with a cardio-mix added to it. Most of the ones I've seen have run about 45-60 minutes, and go for about $15-$20