Will you be my Wii friend?

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  1. Hi all!

    I recently bought a Wii and I'm still getting used to things. I've only created four Miis so far: me, my boyfriend, and my parents.

    My Mii plaza is empty, because I'm one of the very few people amongst my friends to own a Wii. I have the "Mingle" option set on, but obviously I have no "Wii Friends" so there are no Miis to travel to my console.

    So I was wondering if anyone here who owns a Wii would to trade Wii numbers so I can register you as a friend??

    I'll make playing games THAT much more exciting ;)
  2. Thats cool,
    I take it this hooks up to the internet? We have one but its at my in law or the kids.. Not sure of the internet is available where the wii is situated though.

    Please let me know more information about this.
  3. I wii (lol that sounds so wrong!)

    I'm not on that much and have no idea how to do what your talking about but if you can walk me through it I'll be your wii buddy but I'm not on that often lol
  4. I have wireless in my house, so the Wii can connect to the internet wirelessly. I'm not sure about your connection though.

    You can find your Wii number using the procedure here:


    Then you can PM me and I'll add you! :biggrin:
  5. OK Karman I'll do it a little later thanks
  6. DH and I have a wii....we will add you if I can figure out how to do it. Does that mean that all of our wiis we created will got to your wii as well and vice versa? You can also sit around and make ones....DH and I made Jesus, Paris Hilton, MJ and so on.
  7. i got one of the first wiis that came out :yahoo: I have a wireless connection too...
  8. if you set your miis to mingle and you add people wii number to yours you can get their miis. I got the ones my parents and my siblings made at my parents housei n florida :P We have a lot, my huband likes to make them once in awhile. I dont know who all we have made :P
  9. We have a Wii, but it is technically my BFs.

    Did you know if you go the Mii Plaza, you can import other Miis to your Wii? People have made many Miis that look like certain celebrities or characters. Just sort by the most popular. It is so funny! Today, we imported Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Family Guy characters, Whoppi Goldberg, Jack Sparrow, Hello Kitty, Snoop Dog, Charlie Brown, etc. We check the plaza every so often to see if there are any new ones worth importing!
  10. I would, but for some reason my Wii won't register my wireless account no matter what I do. Troubleshooting doesn't help. Wish it would work.
  11. What do you gain by having a Wii friend? I wouldn't have a clue, but I bet my son would love this feature....
  12. OMG Karman haha my name's carmen..lol I have the wii and didn't know about the internet options! I will try to set it up and add you as a friend..maybe you can play against my bf..he's always complaining that I don't play it enough
  13. There really are no gains, but you can play with your friends and exchange Miis. My Mii Plaza is completely empty and the Miis other than my own are just randomly generated Miis...it'd be nice to have some "real" Miis! :biggrin:

    I'm not sure who here can figure out how to get online, but if you can please PM me your number!
  14. I have a Wii too, but no one mingles with me either!