Will you be carrying anything special for valentine's day?

  1. Valentine's Day is (almost) here, and I am going to be rocking my pomme Roxbury, can't wait! :yahoo: Can't think of a much better occasion to take her out... :heart: :heart:

    Anyone else planning to wear their pomme on Wednesday?

  2. if i had one i so would !
  3. I suppose I can dress to match my framboise reade pm. ;)
  4. Wow -- that looks great on you!!! :yes:
  5. Not going to wear anything special since I'm not doing anything until this weekend..but I'll be using my cute Pomme Coeur and wearing a cute accessory with hearts on it, I haven't decided what yet.
    It's between that Echo heart scarf I got at Nordies the other day, one of my Chanel Valentine scarves or my Chanel cruise heart earrings.
  6. Look so good on you!!

    For me, since I have no one special ..valentine's the day of loving for my family (& doggies), so just another fine day with my everyday bag.. :yes:
  7. No LV on V-Day, it will be my pink Chanel's first day to 'come out of closet' lol
  8. If you call it "special", I am taking my silver Miroir pochette to dinner @ the hotel with my boyfriend tomorrow...and I'm using the beautiful pomme d'amour cles that he bought me as well :heart:
  9. I'm carrying my Hermes Vert Anis Croc JPG birkin w/GH & LV mono flats, DH bought 4 me; LV scarf tied arnd my neck.
  10. It is valentine´s day here already :nuts: Wearing nothing special, going to a cruise though in a couple of hours!
  11. Nah I will be in school, so I will just carry my backpack! But damn your bag is hot girl! The Pomme color is really stunning!
  12. Well my Valentine's Day is almost at an end and can't say I have used any special LV (or ANY LV today:p ).....the Roxbury looks Fab on you:heart:
  13. Nah, I will be staying home. The weather is horrible here in Northeast Ohio. That bag looks fabulous on you. Have fun!
  14. not me...my pomme flat pouch came yesterday but the weather here is unbearable...i got halfway to school (which is an hour away) only for classes to be cancelled and having to turn around and go home. snowy, rainy, icey...yuck. plus i don't have a bf and never really have so i hate valentine's day, and i will hate it until i have a bf :smile: lol.
  15. My new red epi speedy!