Will you attend the, Vintage Clothing Show (of Manhattan )?

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  1. Perhaps you can find there, a Weejun of croc.
  2. Or a teepee, of ssssssnake?
  3. a cupcake, halloween cos, tume?
  4. mmm, thoughts of , attendancing? perhaps
  5. No, but I will, attend the wood,working show of,Milwaukee. Perhaps I'll, find an awl.
  6. Or maybe a fine ostrich, feather shrug.
  7. I am, very sorry as, I cannot attend, but hope, everyone who does, has a, great time!
  8. I don't get it.
  9. Oh horse, feathers..I alas can,not attend.
  10. I wish, I could, attend. Too, bad.
  11. Alas,I cannot attend, this, show; but Vaclav, perhaps you will, find your, long lost scrunchy without, receiving another sink,eye whilst eating, your cupcake?
  12. I am, sad as, well, to have to, miss what, sounds,like a fantastic, show.
  13. or see, a woman dancing, with, (buffalo,style) chicken wings.
  14. do they serve, cupcakes?

    no I, will not be in, attendance as I sadly, live too far, away...
  15. Awwww...Hi, Vaclav. Long time, no hear from!! And I think you mean Bass Weejuns...how well I remember them in my "yout" !!:graucho: