Will working at LV ruin your status???

  1. I have a friend who is a mother now and asked me if I knew if working at LV would ruin her status at LV:confused1: .... Let me explain what she means: She purchases a fair amount, and wants to work at her LV botique part time, just to get out of the house... If she were to do this, and in a few years quite, would it be on her profile at LV that she worked there... meaning she might not get as good service or might not be a VIC or not get any mailings they send out???:confused1:

    In short, if you work at LV will it damage your reputation in the future if you don't work there?:confused1: :crybaby:
  2. hmmm... dunno. i've never thought of that!
  3. i don;t think you can get limited ed items if your employee
  4. I don't think so. But if she is buying the number of items to where she is worried about ruining her VIC status, i don;t think she needs the money. Plus she won't be able to buy as much if she works there. KWIM.
  5. That would be my biggest worry :s - but then again you could always have a relative purchase it for you.
  6. The problem with it is that you can't get new items for 3 months after they come out. So if the pieces you want are sold out, tough luck.
    I think they have some kind of "friends and family" policy too, where you wouldn't exactly be able to get them on the list above anyone else, no matter what their customer status is. I can't be sure of the details but I'm sure they have something like that. Otherwise the employees could just have anyone they knew come in and buy everything up so there wouldn't be anything left for the regular customers.
  7. Just to get out of the house? Why not something else then? There are so many things she can do if she doesn't need the money...:yes:
  8. yeh i must do something with your reputation, i mean your not a paying customer anymore are you. If your friend is worried about it then i wouldnt go for LV, try some other high end boutiques. Gucci, dior etc then she has nothing to worry about! x
  9. I think it would take the magic out of it & as everyone else said she can't get limited edition or new items
  10. usually all the SA's ive worked with have this passion and love for the brand itself. therefore, i dont think she would be viewed upon losing her status if she works there!

    Good Luck to her!
  11. She can buy as much as she likes, she will just have to pay full price after she goes past her limit :smile:
  12. I wouldn't want to work there, since I like visiting the store, it would take away the "magic" for lack of a better word.
    But good luck to her, whatever she decides.
  13. It is up to her what she wants to do. If I were in her shoes, I would find something else to do. There are plenty of volunteer positions at local hospitals, hospices, animal shelters, churches, and etc.

    I would not want to work where I love to shop.
  14. It's tricky isn't it? But if she is not doing it for cash, I would probably not risk the VIC status and not being able to get LE items. Best to stay a customer than to become an employee.
  15. I've got no idea :shrugs: but Good luck to her ;)