Will White Bags Be OK for fall?

  1. Is anyone planning to wear their white bags, mine is a white Paddy, in the fall? How much time do we have for white bags fashionably speaking????
  2. Personally, I think it depends on the bag and the shade of white. A deeper cream or winter white I wouldn't hesitate to wear in the winter if it went with an outfit.

    As for stark white... I probably wouldn't wear it except for spring and summer. But I guess it also depends on the climate where you are. I can't imagine wearing a stark white bag with snow on the ground, while wearing a wool coat and boots...but again, that's just me.:heart:
  3. Living in the UK we dont get nice weather in the winter so ive dusted off my two paddys ready for the cooler months. Mine are winter colours. Like the last poster said, it depends if its a warm white or a cooler white. If its the warmer then id go for it as off white and ivory white is flattering, but a cooler white just wont look right in cold climates. If you are lucky and live in the sun then you will get away with it.
    Just enjoy your paddy and do what feels right for you.