Will whiskey be coming back for Spring?

  1. Hello All-
    Will Coach be making more Legacy leather products in whiskey, or will my only chance to get them be between now and the holidays? Thanks.
  2. The sa at my store made it sound like once the whiskey legacy sells, its gone.
  3. I thought they were continuing legacy as a line?
  4. OH NO! Aaack! I just love the whiskey legacy leather. Perhaps I should snap up a few more things....
  5. yes. so whiskey so far is here to stay. color wise it may go and the legacy line will continue but i doubt that'll happen for whiskey

    whiskey is like the leather version of khaki. it's just basic.

    there is a new leather color coming out next year called pond, and that is like a blue...maybe it reminds you of a pond thus the name?


    that kind of leather would be a special edition color, and therefore, i'd snap up as much of it as i can if i love it.

    but back to the question, yes, whiskey will be there spring, as well as black and white.

    :yes: they even have it pictured in the catalog.
  6. I would bet that some version of that gorgeous brown will be a staple, at least for fall and winter. Like ms-whitney said, it really is a basic color and they would be fools to abandon it.
  7. Good to know. Thanks everyone.