Will we see Red Patent Leather this Spring?

  1. Has anyone heard?
  2. I don't know about red patent leather as they did that last year. This year so far
    they are doing camel, navy and rose patent leather. I am not sure of the color rose though as it looks to be a coraly rose color.
  3. I can't wait to see the camel in patent!!! Will they just do the large hobos in the patent leather again or does anyone know if medium bags will be available as well?
  4. They did medium totes as well last year, and those are listed in the catalog I just picked up yesterday in pond and chestnut.
  5. I can't wait to see the patent colors! I would love a red patent bag. Or any patent leather color, I just want to try patent after hearing all the good things about it!
  6. I'm sure this has been brought up before but the search feature is down.... Do you think the patent leather is too dressy for a casual day out? Would it look good with jeans/shorts or do you think its best for when you're dressed up for work/night out? I would LOVE to buy something in patent but being a SAHM, I live in jeans and casual clothes....what are your thoughts? Is it an occasional bag or could you use it everyday? I'm thinkng about the new camel patent.:shrugs:
  7. Cverhoff, I just got my first patent bag this month (the mahogany gallery tote). Im a SAHM, very casual (Old Navy khaki pants/sweaters/jeans/boots type of girl) and I absolutely love it. Its such easy care and wear, very comfortable, and just the right amount of "shine" to the bag to look great but not over the top. I believe my next purchase will be the tan ergo tote in patent as well - cant wait to see it!
  8. I wear my black patent Ergo hobo ALL the time, and seriously, most of the time it's just to work, where jeans and a polo is the norm. I also think the great crinkle texture and the unstructured hobo form makes it a little less dressy.