will we have a repeat of miroir?

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  1. I'm wondering if we will see a repeat in 2007 of what we just went through with miroir? I can't believe how insane we all are/were about it.

    I'm just curious because I want to know if I need to start saving now for my metallic lace so I can get it right away, or if it will be hanging around stores for awhile.

    I'm hoping for the latter so i can have more time to save.

    what do ya'll think?

  2. The Noé and the Lockit will be coming the Monogram Miroir, so start saving :yes::winkiss:
  3. I doubt it. Originally, the Miroir line was going to be like any other seasonal line, plenty in the store and sold on Eluxury but, there was production problems and so, the inventory went from lots of units to limited units. I highly doubt this will be the case for the Spring line.
  4. wasn't it on another thread that it WASN'T going to come in the lockit? and I haven't heard anything about the noe but how pretty would that be!

    i'm going to call 866 and ask
  5. Yah, the Lockit! I forgot about that, but I will ask my SA about it tomorrow when I inquire about the Sophie.
  6. I kinda hope it will only be with the bags that are out now .. That way I feel they are more special.. :smile:
  7. really? when are they coming? do you know the sizes?:yahoo:
  8. I think the Lockit is the PM and the Noe is the regular size..( not Petit)
  9. just called vuitton and they said that as far as they know there won't be a noe and a lockit....

    I hope there is though...I want a miroir noe

    *looking at miroir pap. with disgust* :s
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: A noe or lockit sure would be hot! :yes:
  11. So is this lockit/noe information confirmed (not necessarily by LV SAs)?
    Are there waiting lists for these, and are the prices the same as the Miroir pap/speedy?
  12. I NEED to know, AND I SEE My buddy Matty is reading this page ("currently active users viewing..." haha) and I KNOW he's got the scoop :graucho: COME ON MATT!
  13. The Noé and the Lockit will come out. SA's don't know anything so it's not even worth asking them. Again, they are the last in the food chain to know about these things.

    The Lockit will definitely be coming out, but later toward the Spring. The Noé should come out as well, but the date is still in the air for now. Most likely it will ride next to the Lockit.

    It's all about the "Icons" being honoured in the PVC Miroir style. Notice that it was made in the "Icon" styles?

    Pochette Accessoires



    And that will complete the circle (I think, unless there's an icon I missed)
  14. Matt's gone now :sad:
  15. I would think if they had production problems with Speedy Miroir and cut production short because of it, they wont be doing more bags in that material.