Will Vanessa Hudgens' Alleged 'Santa Baby' Strip Tease Tape Be Released?

  1. It has been reported that Disney vixen Vanessa Hudgens has a strip tease tape soon-to-be released. The naked pictures of Baby V here are allegedly stills from the video. A source said that the footage and the photos were sent to Vanessa's one-time co-star Drake Bell way before she was famous. Bell's representative Jill Fritzo released a statement that Bell 'says he never received those photos'.

    A forty-five second clip that is predicted taken by a phone-camera has now erupted online dubbed 'Open Me First'. The clip shows Vanessa sitting in front of a Christmas tree wearing only a Santa hat, pasties to cover her breasts and a red thong with mistletoe decoration. Slowly Vanessa took off her 'attributes' one by one and murmured 'I want Santa come up my chimney because I've been a good little girl this year' at the end of her 'striptease'.

    full story and pictures here
  2. eww
  3. She's pretty!wow...
  4. oh my...whats next?
  5. Poor girl... people do stupid things, especially horny teenagers. But thats pretty stupid :nogood:
  6. wow, so young to be doing those types of things.
  7. i am a lil grossed out by all this if shes only 18 now & those pics came out 2 years ago she would have been 16 so why is it even legal to show this stuff
    is she under age in this video too??
    i do feel bad for her she probably had 'young love' for the guy & wanted to to these things for him but somehow they are getting out
    is he the one releasing all this stuff??
  8. ^^That's what I was thinking...now dirty old men are given more yucky pics to oggle at. I feel bad because we all do dumb things when we are young...she just got famous and it backfired.
  9. Why did she allegedly send it to drake bell?