Will US Tax Rebate Encourage Your Spending?

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  1. If you are a US income taxpayer you'll be getting a "tax rebate" check in the next month or so which is supposed to stimulate our economy by encouraging us to spend. LOL!

    Will it help stimulate your LV purchases?
  2. Nope. Mine will go right back out toward property taxes.
  3. mine is going to paying for my house.
  4. Don't qualify for it unfortunately. I would have stimulated the economy, lol, by buying another LV bag with it.
  5. Ugh! My tax rebate will be going to PAY my taxes due :cursing:

    Officially banned until 2010 :ban:
  6. Mine will be going towards paying for some applicances that have been on my home depot card on deferred no interest billing. :smile: If I'm lucky, the Watercolor Speedy will be my last bag for the year...well maybe a Monty will sneak in there.
  7. I have to pay extra $ for my tax almost every year so I dont have the dilemma.
  8. I wish I could use it at LV.. too bad I have to pay taxes so the rebate will help with me pay taxes.
  9. I am using mine towards a Sunset Blvd!!
  10. Mine is going towards the Watercolor VVN if I'm lucky enough to get one. Otherwise it's going in the bank.
  11. Yea! I am putting it towards a mono keepall 55 with strap or... either a neverfull gm or batignolles vertical.. this will be my 1st lv purchase in 2 years and we have 0 debt so I figure I can splurge a bit!
  12. nope! i have to pay off my high CC balance. :Push:
  13. :smile: yes! and tax refund, i just went yesterday and bought a m/c alma
  14. hopefully for my first trip to NY and a special damier.
  15. im not sure if i qualify since i dont work but i am a student.