will u resell your LV?

  1. If you purchase something from LV and years down the road...will u resell or keep it forever n ever till death do us part?!
  2. When I first joined the PF I was a collector of bags. Fast forward a year and a half, and I think I have one bag left from my original collection! I have bought and sold (alot for me)!! Now if I do not carry it...I sell it. I keep a nice rotation going!
  3. I'll most likely sell some of my LV bags down the road so I can get money for new ones!!
  4. The ONLY LV bag I can definitely say I will keep forever is my Mirage Speedy Noir....
    I had waited for yeaaarrrrrrrs for them to make a Speedy like this !!
    Mine for LIFE.:tup:
  5. i will never sell my damier speedy 25 as my husband bought it for me on valentines day as a surprise...but i have thought about selling my mono 25. i think that if i don't use it, i will sell it eventually to finance bags in the future. but for the moment, i just want to build a collection! i would love to have one of every speedy in every size! hahaha!
  6. I get too emotionally attached to my stuff, so I can honestly not see myself selling off any of my bags unless I will somehow be in a serious financial disaster or similar. I only use one or two of my bags, but I still love the others and using them on special occasions :yes:
  7. i seriously wonder will people buy my things in time to come...
  8. I will probably sell my Abbesses just because I never use it. I don't really care for hipster/messenger types anymore. The rest will be given to my daughter or son (if he turns out gay) LOL.
  9. I've done it in the past with 99.8% of my Coach collection (I'm down to my original Coach purse (which DH bought for me) and my tote with has my initials on it (now you know why I can't sell that one:upsidedown:). I did it to "feed the LV need". As for my LVs, I would probably only sell the bags that are part of the "permanent" collection" or bags that don't hold any special meaning for me. It would be hard to sell a bag if DH was the one who bought it. Dare I say it, I would rather sell one of my Chanel bags before I sell any of my LE LVs:yes:
  10. I don't think I will ever sell any of mine. I agonize so much over acquiring them and I truly love each one. I think part of it is because my collection is small due to having to SAVE FOREVER to fund a bag so I have all this extra time to fall in love, you know? :smile:
  11. i might sell a wallet when i want to get a new one because those are a pain to rotate everything in...but bags, no i love the ones that i have too much to part with
  12. i will sell it if really dont like it or dont use it.
  13. I have yet to sell any of my bags but I want to sell my non-LV bags since I don't use them anymore. I'm waiting for the MP approval b/c i'm afraid of eBay. *fingers crossed* As for LV items - there is nothing I plan on selling in the near future because I use everything. But in the future? it's likely I would sell something I never use.
  14. I sold my Mono Speedy 25 to help fund the purchase of a Damier Speedy 30. It was the best decision I made--I love damier!
  15. Every single piece of LV I have bought has a memory behind them so I could never bring myself to sell them... I hardly ever have the funds to buy something new constantly which I sometimes prefer because otherwise it becomes just a bag to me :biggrin: