will u burn these?

  1. fake yes...real...maybe not!
  2. probably, not, because i'd never get LV candles...
  3. def not...i wouldnt buy LV candles especially for 200 dollars....sorry im not cheap, but thats alot of money for candles no matter who they are from
  4. No way!!!!!!!!! Definetly a collectible!
  5. all i was trying to point out was that it does seem a bit toooo expensive!
  6. I agree with twiggers, they are a collectible, so no for me!
    I do have to say that I would not spend that kind of money on candles.
  7. Hmm... I didn't know LV candles existed! Interesting...
  8. I could never pay that much for candles BUT... if I were going to pay 200 dollars for candles, I'd definitely not just want them to sit there, they'd be burning--LV or not!
  9. i like the candle box...
  10. lol! That was funny! I would not burn them! I bought the LV nail polish, and let me tell you I have not used them!
  11. seriously...if the box itself was sold for $199..im sure a lot of ppl would buy it..but if the candles are sitting in there...ppl will hold bck..just my 0.02
  12. ditto
  13. Oops double post - sorry!
  14. ^^ Agreed - $200 for candles - come on! LOL