Will tiered skirts still be in this summer? Pic inside

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  1. Remember those really popular skirts like this one:
    That EVERYONE was wearing last summer? I admit I love them: they're so flattering. Do you think they'll still be popular this summer?
  2. Absolutely !!!!
  3. Probably. i don't own any but I've tried some on and they're so light and flowy.
  4. Especially whith white and feminie/girlie stuff being so hot!
  5. i'm going to give a qualified yes - ones like the one you just posted will be (light, airy, attention to detail, made of high-quality material) but the polyster ones that all my fellow students loved to wear last summer will most definately NOT be. and i also like them in a shorter proportion this summer - right below the knee is the longest i'm going, i think.
  6. I just love long flowy skirts. I think they're so pretty. I think as long as it looks good and feels good, it doesn't matter if it's in.
  7. They better be as I bought three different colour ones from juicy last year!
  8. Pretty is always in! :smile: So yes.