will this work?

  1. okay, i've been wrestling with myself about which way my current diet will go. i had my own idea and my friend told me it was ridiculous and would never work.
    my idea was to not do any type of fad diet (i'm a recovering bulimic and i know diets like that are my trigger). so, i was just going to cut out fried stuff and replace them with better options (baked lays, fruit, etc). i'm not going to totally avoid fast food (i'm a student and constantly eat on the run). INSTEAD, i'm going to choose better options from wherever i go.
    i can't starve myself. i like food way too much and not eating just isn't an option.
    but does that sound decent? to just CHANGE what i eat and how much? or is that completely unrealistic? it sounds good to me...i just don't get why my friend insisted i would fail?

  2. It sounds like you are on the right track and your friend has some issues of her own. Does she struggle with her weight? Is there some hidden agenda in her wanting you to stay at your current weight?

    Bottom line: diets don't work. Lifestyle changes that are realistic for you and your body do work. Trust yourself. You're on the right track.;)
  3. Excellent! As Prada Psycho said, lifestyle changes are key. What you said you plan to do will only improve your health and cut down on the "empty" calories. Good luck!!
  4. I'm with the Psycho (that name makes me chuckle...sorry OT) I am currently trying to lose some post-baby weight and I can and DO starve myself a little b/c my body needs to get a little 'shock' to see results. I am trying to make every calorie count right now. Cutting out all the bad stuff which is waay hard, but I'm doing it and it's working.

    What about (dread) exercise? I hate hate hate to exercise.. but I have found that walking is the one thing that I can do and I love it. Treadmills are the devil - I go outside (imagine!) and baby and I are out for 1+hrs.

    Good luck.
  5. YES!!!

    I did something like that. I picked 2 of my indulgences and squashed them, I replaced them w/ better alternatives.
    I lost about 4 pounds and now I need to replace another indulgence or make more healthful choices I guess.

    That's a VERY healthy approach and it's SO doable!:yes:
  6. i completley agree. as eveyrone said its a lifestyle cahnge.. every lil thing counts
  7. You sound like you've really thought this out, and I think you're on the right track. It's waaaay better to change your lifestle, than to go on a diet. Temporary changes just don't last, but if you each healthier and make better eating decisions, that will last a lifetime.
  8. I swear that when I eat french fries I gain weight, and when I cut them out completely I lose it. Generally I eat them often when I do (and with mayo, no less). So I think it's a great idea, and will definately work if you stick to it.
  9. Sounds like a great idea to me!!
  10. It sounds like good lifestyle/eating changes you are considering. The weight will come off at a healthy pace -- and stay off too. Good luck. Sometimes it is better to keep your "diet" plans to yourself. Some friends/family seem compelled to comment in unhelpful ways.
  11. cut out fast food, pop/soda of all kinds. Eat more salad when on the go, and try and eat more chicken for dinner if you can. You'll be amazed how much weight you will drop just doing that and not working out.
  12. everything but the salad is a good plan. :smile:
    salad (lettuce, actually) has too much vitamin k in it (vitamin k clots your blood). and since i'm on blood thinners, it's a no-can-do. would counteract all my medicine. which sucks, cause i love a good salad! :smile:
  13. Slow and steady wins the race!!! Go for it. Drinking water helps a lot. Try replacing a cup of juice with water. It is shocking how much sugar some things that are considered "healthy" have. Good for you. I wish you much success.

  14. Oh that isnt good then :sad: sorry.