Will this work?

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  1. I am being cheap. Let me see if anyone did this before. I have some rewards certs from Macy's plus 20% off coupon. I was going to purchase the L'Amore stellina and Adios Star Zucca online and return it to the store. Then I am going to repurchase them with my reward certs and coupons. DO you think it'll work?
  2. I know that Macys has implemented a new system where they put stickers on the bags that you need to make a return. At least they do it at the store near me in Chicago.
  3. it may work but you have to find a nice SA to do it for you

    plus the might caues they get the commission frome the sale
  4. Hmm i think it'd work.
  5. I'd be sure to find a nice SA. Sometimes, if you try to return them and buy them later, it takes a bit of time for them to get back onto the floor.