Will this work as a pendant?

  1. My mom has bought a 1-carat diamond for me to commision a pendant, for my wedding. It's been rather difficult trying to find a suitable design because I already have a diamond solitaire pendant, and I want something different from that.

    But I also want a pendant that's not too complicated in design, one I can wear everyday. I want a design that showcases the diamond at its best, without looking like costume jewelry.

    So, inspired by a poster who has a Mauboussin ring, I've tried to create a "Mauboussin" pendant. Thanks, kind poster. And sorry for the amateur photoshopping.

    Do you think this pendant will work?


    pendant2.JPG m1.JPG
  2. I think it will be adorable! I love that ring too!
  3. I think it should work too. Its simple and pretty, and not overly complicated. Show us pics if you get it made!
  4. I think that it would be lovely and would be a nice touch if you were to wear it on your wedding day.
  5. I think the same.
  6. IMHO, I think it would look better turned on point, like a baseball diamond, instead of on the square edge.

    Either way, it's gorgeous!
  7. It's very cute! I like it a lot
  8. Thanks for all the sweet comments. I really must apologise to boudoir for 'vandalising' her pictures.

    Skelly, your suggestion of turning it on its side is so intriguing! What do you guys think?

    Choice 1 or 2?


    mau1.JPG mau3.JPG
  9. I like the side one better too....it would make a gorgeous pendant!
  10. it would look great as a pendant, it's stunning!
  11. I like choice 2 better and think it's so cute when viewed more as a square than from the other angle.
  12. 2. i also like it better viewed more as a square. and more original. i've seen lots of pendants similar to choice 1.
  13. Yes. Mine was an earring turned pendant.
    I had the bail made and changed it to a hidden loop in the back. Sorry for the amateur pics. HTH.
    pendant 1.jpg pendant 2.jpg
  14. That's so pretty and vintage looking. I think I'll go with the square-ish shape since it's more unique.
  15. I like it a lot on is side.