will this wallet be ok with my handbag?

  1. I just got a gst (chanel) with gold hardware, but can't afford the 600 dollar wallet right now- I found a nice prada leather wallet at offsaks for 200, but leather is not similar, it has silver hardware. It is very practical though with 9 credit card slots! I do like it alot. Will this look silly?
  2. Do you have pictures?
  3. of my gst
  4. Lovely bag! I am sure your prada wallet will look fine in it. Sometimes I mix hardwares and it doesn't bother me.
  5. this is the wallet
  6. IMO a wallet doesn't have to match with a bag. Sure, pulling out a matching wallet really draws people's attentions but I like to have a different wallet because it seems well-rounded. But this is coming from a girl who wears gold earrings and a silver watch (but for some reason silver earrings and gold watches look horrible on me!) :p So yes, the prada wallet will look lovely with your bag!
  7. it's ok!
  8. it looks great!
  9. I agree. Wallet doesnt have to match--shoes dont have to match--belt doesnt have to match...that's old school!
  10. it looks nice!
  11. Looks great.