will this upset my SA?

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  1. I have been working with a lovely SA since fall 2015 and have purchased quite a bit from her, including RTW, scarves, jewelry, and bags including one Kelly and one Birkin.. Recently I did purchase another Birkin from a reseller in a color I was dying to get (bc I am impatient and really wanted this particular color, plus I can't get another B until second half of year bc of 2/yr quota where I live)..I absolutely adore my SA and want her to know that I am loyal to her.. So I have been afraid to carry my new B to the Hermes store.. Does anyone have any thoughts/experience with this - i.e. is your SA upset if you buy H bags from another store? I certainly would NEVER tell her I bought it from a reseller (would just say I got it at another H while traveling) ;)
  2. I don't think you should worry about it. They work for you and if your SA is smart, she will continue to be just as great so that you will continue to buy from her.

    I don't think any salesperson wants to burn any bridges by getting upset over what their client does with their own money!

  3. you might want to post and check out here....

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