Will this style Paddy fit over your shoulder?

  1. I don't have this so I can't give any specifics, but from reading the description, I would be worried about the only 5" drop. That doesn't sound like it could go over the shouler at all. Cute shape though! Good Luck!
  2. It looks to be more of a satchel.
  3. it looks quite small so i honestly doubt it! never seen it IRL tho
  4. I've tried a similar style (bauletto) before and while they fit, they're a bit uncomfortable, especially because of the boxiness of the shape. This one looks like it will be even worse - tight under the arm and if you have anything in it, you will probably need to keep your arm away from your body or carry very little and squish it flat). The drop is tiny... if you're looking for a shoulder bag, go for a paddy, or even a mini paddy. Or try one of the new Chloe styles!