Will This Stop You Getting Ostrich?

  1. Hi Ladies, this forum is a saver! Have been thinking of getting an ostrich Birkin when I read in one of the threads about ostrich handles darkening faster than other leathers.

    Will this stop anyone from pursuing their dream ostrich Kelly or Birkin knowing this? I've since convinced myself to stop fantasing about a Fuchsia Ostrich 35 :crybaby: What about you?
  2. It might impact my decisions...or...I would purchase with "full informed consent"...that is, know it is likely to happen (and I am likely to stay with darker colors)...
  3. Wellllll................of all the Hermes leathers, I love the high maintenance ones. Vache natural, box, and barenia. They all show scratches, vache natural stains easily, and vache and box are no-nos in the rain. But why do I love them? Because they all age beautifully, the scratches add to the character, and the darkening is part of the aging process with these leathers. In the end, you have a gorgeous aged leather, much like a fine wine. In other words, I've learned to love these aspects of the leathers because it's in their character. The same can be said of the darkening handles of ostrich. It's all a matter of personal preference.
  4. misspiggy,
    for a short while, I contemplated the ostrich. Then katyc reported that the eye of the ostrich can fall off over time. Although the craftsman glued it back, I am of the opinion that if I spend tens of thousands on a bag, it just has to be perfect.

    Handles darkening ... this I can stomach.
  5. What?!? This is news to me indeed - the eyes fallling off - OMG I would've died of a heart attack...:nuts: As for the darkened handles, I've LV bags and know all about those handles, but like you mrssparkles, if I spend so much on a bag, and especially if the bag is in such lovely colors like pinks etc, I would think the dark handles would spoil the look of the bag for me :crybaby:
  6. Scratches and rain spots I can tolerate on my Box Kellys and Birkins, and I've LV bags too so I know all about darkened handles and patina (gee tell me about them), but somehow the idea of a lovely Fuchsia Birkin in all her wondrous glory...and then oops ugly dark handles...somehow just doesn't jive very well for me :nuts:

    Perhaps someone can post photos of their otherwise well-maintained Ostrich Birkins or Kellys with oops, darkened handles for us to admire?

    Maybe after looking at more of them, I'll get past this very limiting, psychological barrier and put in my order for that <drool> fuchsia ostrich Birkin ;)
  7. the darkening, the eyes peeling won't change my plans on getting an ostrich (although it surely won't be happening by 2007 hehe) but like hermiesgroupie said - to age gracefully its lovely. so dont let those stop you from your dream bag!
  8. I'm stuck with my little bird but I'm not too worried, but I will still use a twilly to protect the handles from now on.

    Actually, I don't bring the ostrich everywhere, esp not when I will sweat like mad on the handle :sweatdrop:

    So the handles should not darken too much or too fast !

    I've also realised that when I spend money on something nice, I should learn to enjoy it to the fullest and not be paranoid !!

    I intend to bring a H bag to Hong Kong this winter :jammin:
    OOOh, my babies have NEVER taken a plane and gone overseas before :nuts:
  9. I have to admit I re-thought ostrich after reading about katyc and pazT's experiences. It's sad because it's such a beautiful skin and is really supposed to be pretty tough, but I don't think I could stomach the eyes falling out or handles darkening. Having said that, I don't think I'd mind a Fuschia Ostrich Kelly falling into my lap! :P
  10. As a newbie (aug '06) owner of a fuschia ostrich Birkin, the idea of darkened handles over time doesn't worry me unduly, but the thought of prematurely darkened or marked handles does. Which is why I make sure all hand cream applied has absorbed before I touch handles with bare hands. Otherwise it's the K Mart bandana babying for the handles.

    Fair wear and tear does happen with everything one owns. I've snagged cashmere sweaters, stretched gloves out of shape etc. It's part of the ownership process. But as long as you take don't deliberately mistreat your possessions, I think you have to accept that there will be signs of age and use. Nothing will remain pristine if you use it.

    Of course it doesn't mean you should be careless. There are time when the Birkin sits on the floor rather than a chair because the red wine decanter is perilously close, or because I fear that the teppanyaki grease will get to it. But it doesn't mean I'm precious with the Birkin.

    It won't deter me from future ostrich purchases (the news about the eye falling off was a bit scary initially, but the good news is that it isn't irreversible). And I'll continue to enjoy the ostrich possessions that I have (a Bearn wallet too).
  11. heeheehee :lol: :lol: You crack me up. Methinks the twilly idea is a good one, and have seen many ladies doing this. I'm sure your baby (which one will you initiate into the joys of travelling?) will enjoy its maiden trip to the Orient :yes: Bring one that's hardy. I lived in HK for 3 years and on a busy street, Hong Kongers tend to push and shove in their hurry to get to their destination, so your baby must be a hardy one that can withstand these little inevitable shocks.

    And some of you here have re-fueled my interest in an ostrich :P I really like ostrich coz they are so light and are supposed to be very hardy (until I read the posts about the handles) but what the heck! I should still try to foray into that exotic area right?? Darkened handles be darned! Fuchsia ostric here I come!! <At this point, either the Birkin or the Kelly will do> :yahoo:
  12. i would still love an ostrich H bag, no matter the wear and tear results of it. i myself just had an "eye" barely hanging unto the strap/belt of my bag (fuschia HAC) and had since sent it out for repair last week. i still love it.

    i regretted not getting a picture of that to share with y'all........
  13. Thanks for your wonderful advice. I found my courage to put in my order after reading all your posts :P In fact I'm rushing into my store to enquire about the Fuchsia Kelly they set aside for me recently but I rejected when I discovered the dark handles thing. I just hope it's still there for me :sad: If not then it's not meant to be and I'll just have to wait some more...but wow a Bearn ostrich wallet!!! :love:

    Talk about Birkins in restaurants....my friend brought her Croc Birkin into a restaurant 2 years ago and the waitor dumped a whole bowl of hot piping soup onto it!! :hysteric: But thats another story so I won't go into it here but thank you Ladies for pointing me in the right Ostrich direction :heart: :heart: :heart: Once I get mine, I'll post photos so we can all admire.
  14. Some colors look their best in ostrich such as fuchsia and orange.. so no it wouldn't change my mind.. I'm determined to get both colors in ostrich before December 06 *fingers crossed*

  15. Now, that would be my BIGGEST H nightmare :crybaby: :crybaby:
    I can't imagine having anything spilled on my bags !!!

    For that reason, I actually prefer to put my bags UNDER the table rather than sitting on the chairs :wlae:
    Either that or I will put in on my lap with the napkin over it :jammin: