Will this smooth out?

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  1. Hi all, I would be so grateful for some advice. So, having bought the most beautiful reissue that makes my heart sing I am a little worried that the one corner is not smoothing out as I had thought it would.
    Looking at the pics, is this the normal level of 'crease' from the flat folding?
    I know the reissue is meant to be vintage in its look, so I guess I hope you will look at the pics and tell me not to worry.:-s Fingers crossed then... Thank you so much in advance, whatever the verdict.

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  2. hmmm... that doesn't look like the type of crease I see from folding but more from storage? is this a pre-loved bag perhaps? not sure if it would smooth out or not though, i'm sure some other experienced TPF members who has more experience with getting creases/folds out can help you better.. good luck!
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  3. Thanks for replying Vanana.
    It is new but it does appear to be the last one in the shop...maybe one of the last in the area as Harrods didn't have one and it was the last in Manchester. So it may have been stored for a while.
    As long as it's normal/ okay I am happy. I am so new to Chanel I wanted to check I wasn't making a mistake not returning it.
    I have tried the smoothing methods recommend on the other threads....I am sure the lovely, experienced TPF members will be able to advise me. :smile:
  4. How did you shape the bag? Did you just pushed the bottom in?
    Maybe check this thread I started asking how to shape a reissue 2.55, there were some great responses: putting bowls inside, books, base shapers ...
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  5. I see that in many reissues, and had that problem with my own. What I did is I fully stuffed the bag with clothing and really pressed down on those corners. I left the bag stuffed and closed for over a week (the longer, the better). It did wonders! The creasing is basically gone. I also cut a carton piece to size and put that inside the Reissue, it helped tremendously with the bottom sagging (I don't like the saggy look) when I carry lots of things in my bag.
  6. Hi Elsbeth,
    Thank you so much for your advice and from asking the question that started your thread.
    I guess I did push the bottom up to smooth the crease. Is there a better way? I ( as I think you said) I was worried about doing too much.
    I have read your fab thread and initially it reassured me and gave me some great tips, although I suspect I need different shaped weights. I wanted to make sure my crease was within the bounds of what you guys had had. Does that make sense? :smile:
  7. Thank you so much ironic568, it's good to hear from an experienced person that the crease is within normal reissue bounds and smoothable. Having not see many bags I had no idea when to be worried. That's said I don't want perfection and I am very attached to the bag already.
    I am off to sort some clothes for packing her out.:smile: When you say a carton, do you mean like a milk carton? I assumed you ,want something like the base on Elsbeth's thread, would I be right?
    Thank you so much again guys, it's my first Chanel. I am much happier now. :wave:
  8. I cut out a fitted rectangular shape from a sturdy shipping box and put that inside on the base of my Reissue. Good luck :smile:
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  9. Brill, thanks. :smile:
  10. Yes, that totally makes sense . I've only gently pushed the bottom. Still have to find time to make my own base shaper and will then be trying the book-method.

    If I was you, I would take the advice given and stuff your reissue and let it de-crease. After this I would use a base shaper and keep it stored upright. Please do an update if all of this helps. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!
  11. Sorry for the delay in replying Elsbeth. I have stuffed her, added lead shot as a weight on the creased side and have left her on my sewing table. I have not hung the bag, as I am worried it will make the base sag. ( do correct this if I would be better to hang her). The book method will be my next tactic. :P
    I am currently fashioning a base for when she is ready. Fingers crossed..:huh:...thank you all so much again:smile:
  12. Fingers are crossed!

    Btw I'm loving your avatar!!
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  13. Update.
    So I tried all the lovely ideas that are tried and tested but there did not seem to be any change.
    So, as I had to go to Manchester Chanel again :angel: to buy a lovely pouch or purse - feeding my new addiction. :love:
    DH Persuaded me to take the bag to get some advice.
    Matthew is such a great SA. He had a look and manipulated the base. Within a minute he said that, whilst it looked okay, he felt something was not quite right on the inside and he felt we should exchange it for another one.
    Which we did.
    I think the new bag is just beautiful, as I felt was the last one. It's got a different look and a firmer feel.
    I am delighted with her, and her base is fine and will be smoothed out within no time. I didn't realise how much it was bothering me.
    Thank you all again for your kindness and advice, it was invaluable. What a fab lot. :tup: The thick ridge was just an unusual occurrence. I also can't fault Chanel, their advice and customer service were immaculate.

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  14. YES!! That was some excellent customer service!! Thanks to your DH and SA. Now you can really start enjoying this beauty!!
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