Will this new paddington still be available?

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  1. I am in :heart:. Truly in :heart:. I didn't think it could happen this way, but I have fallen HARD. I saw the baby paddington in "pinkberry" @ Neimans and the regular size paddington @ Nordies. The pictures don't do her justice. She's simply TDF :drool:. I don't remember falling this hard since...wow...I can't remember the last time I fell this hard. Seriously :nogood:.
    Check her out:

    My question for you Chloe :heart:-ers is...will she always be available? Will I be able to find her next season via eBay or Bonanzle? Or will she be forever gone unless I purchase her and go bankrupt? Do certain Chloe bags never show up again after some time? I just can't spend $1360 (baby) or $1585 (reg) right now... :sad:

    But I TRULY ADORE her...:love:
  2. very similar to grenat and caistor i think! but more pink!
    you may be able to get this bag latere on but then you may not. ive never seen this colour before..
  3. Omg, she's simply lovely. I can't stop thinking about her. I need to sell like half my collection before I can afford her though. She better still be around when I'm ready for her...;)
  4. they sometimes show up again, but it can take years:heart:
  5. It is a stunning colour! :yes:

    I think as it's a new colour, it will be harder to find on ebay or bonanzle :sad: You might want to try "last call" stores, or outlets, see if they have it on sale later. Or, settle in for the wait and save up for the bag, then that day when you do come across it online you are able to buy it :tup:

    Also, I think, from the photo on the site you linked to, it looks a little like castor in certain lights. But I'm guessing that the pinkberry colour is different IRL. It looks a little brighter in some parts. castor is kind of brownish red, pinkberry looks more, well pinkish red :P
  6. Thanks for your input Mica...:flowers: I'm putting myself on a ban until I can get THAT specific bag...whether it be FP or I'm going to try to wait for her to go on sale...:thinking: The colour in person...ohhh, it's simply tdf. Yes, she is a little pinkish red...but closer to a dull pink. I think a dark dusty rose...is the best way to describe her :love:.
  7. sounds nice!! have you got your moka paddy yet?
  8. ^^According to FEDEX tracking, moka is en route! I fear that I may have missed them though because I was out running errands. However, there was no sticker or notification that there was an attempted delivery :shrugs:. It's close to 5pm here, so I'm not sure if she's still en route, or if I missed them! :sweatdrop:
  9. ooo fingers crossed!!
  10. I guess this color will go on sale arround May or June at Saks, NM, Nordstrom as Spring sale...You can wait from 40% to 60%...but I strongly suggest you should save this link and if they are sold out at store....SA can look up the system to purchase for you!
  11. My thinking is that all unsold stock has to go on sale sometime and there will always be one left somewhere - you just have to find it! Its a bit of a gamble but the money you save is worth it!
  12. Thanks for the info LovePink! I'm all over it. Actually, I'm putting my self on a self-imposed ban until May when Nordies is having their huge sale!

    B*M*B-- Moka came today...I'll post a reveal after authentication (I PM'd you!)

    Woody-- True indeed. It's the waiting game now :sweatdrop:!
  13. The bag, she is soo cute. I have this one but in a different color (O_O). I think she will still be available as its very playful and sophisticated and well liked.
  14. ooo cant wait for pics...
  15. After looking at this thread, I really want to buy a pink berry Paddy! I'm on a ban, d@mn you! LOL! I keep eyeing it at my Nordies. I can get 15% off...