Will this make her mad?

  1. so this is the first time i am purchasing a chanel on my own and i want to make sure i get one that wont have any regrets for. so i started talking to an SA at my local Saks. she sent me an invitation to the trunk show and since i wont be able to make it to the trunk show (i will be in an all day trial that day :yucky:) she offered to take pixs or find me a book. and whichever bag i decide on i plan to try to see it in person at my local Saks before i purchase it. long story short, she has been very nice and i expect i will be interacting with her. Now, i have heard that there are some Saks that will waive your tax if you order from out of state. and i am thinking about ordering out of town so that i may be able to save some $ once i decide on a bag. now is that bad? will the local saks SA be pissed? :confused1:
    how do you guys deal with this...
  2. I certainly wouldn't worry about what an SA thinks, if you can save some $$ by ordering out of town, go for it, after all it is your money that your spending and since it is your first Chanel I don't think you owe her any loyalty.
  3. if it means I can save cash I would go for it!
  4. I would probably get the bag from Saks. Most SA's are understanding about that kind of stuff.
  5. she may be pissed but she better not show it! LOL!
    You do what's best for YOU and your wallet. She'd do it too if it were her:yes:
  6. Well put Swanky! I'd probably feel guilty too but ITA- do what's best for YOU!
  7. She obviously wants your business, however, do you think if the situation were reversed, she would care more about you or saving money? I say with 99.99% certainty that saving money would win every time.
  8. I agree with this 100%.
  9. Well, don't worry too much abt that.......jus go according to what you want. Most impt, you have to be comfortable with your 1st purchase.
  10. Yup, I totally agree! I would feel bad too but at the end of the day, saving money is impt and hey, maybe u can even get her a little gift or chocs for all her efforts =)
  11. Is there a possibility that she could still ship it to you without paying tax? Otherwise just go with what you feel comfortable with. Saving money is always cool!
  12. I have purchased 4 Chanels at my Saks and from my understanding they will ship without tax to a state that does not charge tax on accessories. They charge tax in my state so I have them sent to my parent's because they do not get charged. However, when I have had purchases sent from other Saks (because my local Saks didn't have something) to my home, I was charged the local tax. Am I making any sense?
  13. Oops wasn't finished. So my point is I think whether or not you have it sent out of state you may still get taxed if the state you live in charges tax. You may have to have it sent to a friend or relative who lives where they don't charge tax.
  14. If an item is a gift Saks will send it with no taxes. Of course sometimes you send gifts directly and sometimes you purchase a gift for someone but you have it sent to you. Since you are buying from Saks, if you time your purchase with an ECG you can get a gift card, bonus!
  15. I always feel you should develop a good relationship with the SA. If you explain it to her, maybe she can help you out somehow...then you can get the bag tax-free and the SA will still have your business. What do you think?